58 episodes
Just some hombres with a classy podcast ;)


Season 02 | Episode 58 - Do Local
2020 Sep 251h 8m 21s
We loosely break with our apolitical stance and stress the importance of participating in LOCAL politics. Tune in!
Season 02 | Episode 57 - Corntine
2020 Sep 1555m 30s
We talk a lot about professional sports and how they've handled COVID-19 and some of the differences between how normal folks are conducting themselves during this pandemic. Some fun stuff in there, too, like The Washington Football Team!
Season 02 | Episode 56 - Lettuce Vote
2020 Sep 101h 23m 8s
AJ goes to election poll volunteer worker training and tells us about it. We're all a little less insecure about the integrity of our ballots for it. Somehow we talk about shitty pizzas, too.
Season 02 | Episode 55 - Only Fannies
2020 Sep 0155m 29s
We talk about OnlyFans a bit, which led us to vintage sex stuff. Oh, and Zoom's prevalence. Oh, oh, and are forums still a thing? If not, we're bringing them back.
Season 02 | Episode 54 - Poddy Sponsored by Zalto
2020 Aug 251h 22m 48s
Welcome AJ to our roundtable of teeth clackers. So, everyone's got pets now! We go around the virtual room to profess. We've done so much between this episode and the last. We try to squeeze a portion of that in from Mark and Laura's sweet journey to running in miserable weather to commiserating over Google Play Music's impending demise. Enjoy(?[!])
Season 02 | Episode 53 - Zonknasty
2020 May 181h 13m
We try our hardest to come together, over Zencastr, again TO BRING YOU THE PODCAST YOU YEARN FOR... shit audio because we're using BYOM. More gaming chat! Your fave. Quarantine schemes and post-quarantine dreams and some semi-deep shit in toward the end. EnJoY!
Season 02 | Episode 52 - Sims
2020 Apr 071h 1m 46s
Plosives, sims, and climate. We're getting the hang of this again. Skype sucks.
Season 02 | Episode 51 - Telecasting
2020 Mar 2956m 13s
Err, we're back, after a long(ish) hiatus, exacerbated by COVID-19. Inevitably, we talk about that and, and, and... how it's shaped our lives.
Season 02 | Episode 50 - See Ya in 20
2020 Jan 051h 10m 21s
Welcome back in 2020! It's been a while, but we're back to catch you up on what we've been into. Most importantly is that we're drinking beers for you ;) ENJOY!
Season 02 | Episode 49 - Horoscopes Trigger Charlie
2019 Dec 021h 46s
We are reminded how much Charlie hates horoscopes before we head out to see the Ravens and 49ers play on this blessed Sunday. And the agonizing awkwardness of the fistbump/handshake mashup.