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Golden State Media Concepts’ Car Podcast takes you on a journey through the automotive world. Whether you're a fan of the old classics, love the latest models and technology, or have never met a vehicle you didn't want to work on, we have something for every car enthusiast.


GSMC Car Podcast Episode 45: The Most Influential Car of the 1880s - Benz Patent Motorwagen
2021 Jan 101h 1m 53s
To commemorate the debut of the GSMC Car Podcast on Instagram, David has launched a series on the most influential cars from each decade. In this podcast he discusses the legendary 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen - the car that started it all
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 44: Stellantis - Chrysler's Saving Grace
2021 Jan 061h 4m 53s
David speaks about the most recent development in the car world; FCA's merger with Groupe PSA to form Stellantis, the multinational car company that just might save Chrysler once and for all.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 43: Don't Be Afraid of DIY! - Things to Know
2021 Jan 031h 4m 52s
David offers some practical advice in this podcast, he encourages you to not be afraid of doing some work yourself on your car. He discusses the practical tips and tricks, as well as the safety procedures you're going to want to remember.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 42: The Chevrolet SS - Why Did It Fail?
2020 Dec 301h 7m 40s
David speaks about the origin, and the downfall, of the Chevrolet SS - a captive import by GM made in Australia by Holden. This podcast will also cover the downfall of Holden and the various reasons that led to its eventual demise as well.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 41: French Cars - The Silent Innovators
2020 Dec 211h 3m 14s
David talks about the silent innovators of the car world, the French automobile manufacturers. With innovations such as disc brakes and self-leveling suspensions, the modern automotive world has a lot to thank the French for.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 40: The Joys of DIY - My Story
2020 Dec 181h 7m 56s
David shares the recent struggles he's had with doing DIY work on his car as well as his family members' cars. He shares several tidbits of wisdom and lessons to be learned before embarking on your own DIY journey.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 39: The Cadillac Escalade - THE Luxury SUV
2020 Dec 141h 9m 1s
David discusses the amazing new technology in the 2021 Cadillac Escalade and how it stacks up against its main competitor, the Lincoln Navigator. David also goes over the successful history of the Escalade from its humble, obscure beginnings to the luxury SUV bulwark it is today
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 38: The Rise of South Korean Cars
2020 Dec 071h 8m 58s
David discusses the success stories of the two very successful South Korean car brands; Hyundai and Kia. From their humble beginnings, to their world-class status today, David discusses how they began to reach for the stars and the paths they took to become competitive automotive companies.
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 37: The Hummer Is Back!
2020 Dec 021h 5m 17s
David discusses the triumphant return of the Hummer, this time an all-electric "supertruck" from GMC. David discusses the awesome new features from the all wheel steering to the SuperCruise technology borrowed from Cadillac. This Hummer is environmentally sound, and here to stay!
GSMC Car Podcast Episode 36: The Lexus LC - Does it Make Sense?
2020 Nov 261h 4m 9s
David discusses the Lexus LC; Lexus' grand touring car. He discusses the fact that grand touring cars are a dying market segment and how there are barely any cars being marketed as grand tourers anymore. Despite all this, he believes the Lexus LC is a wonderful car and deserves recognition.