• Modern Casserole
9 episodes

Modern Casserole is a podcast of hungry women. A magazine editor, a food photographer, and a culinary anthropologist talk food, tell stories, and laugh about their Trader Joe's obsession each week.


Episode 9 - A Million Ways to Dress a Salad
2020 Sep 1728m 51s
When it’s hot, all we want is a good salad. We talk about dressings, bound salad, and another summertime staple: the smoothie.
Episode 8 - Corn, Flour, Grilled or Fried?
2020 Sep 0431m 42s
This week we talk about parking lot dining, chopped salad, and fish tacos.
Episode 7 - Summer Tomatoes and Stone Fruit
2020 Aug 2731m 36s
This week we talk about cooking with summer’s bounty and how to make all that fresh veg last a bit longer in the fridge.
Episode 6 - Sticky, Fluffy, Sweet, Savory Rice
2020 Aug 1331m 36s
This week is all about rice, from sticky short grain to fluffy basmati, savory stews to our favorite rice alternative.
Episode 5 - Project Baking and Weeknight Cooking
2020 Jul 3134m 55s
This week we talk about the joys and fears of baking, and the simple weeknight recipes that embolden us to venture into recipes unknown.
Episode 4 - Eggplants and Dates for Breakfast
2020 Jul 2335m 31s
Iranian date eggs and Israeli sabich breakfast sandwiches spark a conversation about sweet and savory treats, the movement of food and people, and all things eggplant.
Episode 3 - Fruity Sandwiches and Retro Taco Shells
2020 Jul 1631m 32s
This week the hungry women talk about baking fish, getting creative with sandwiches, and rekindling their love for retro American taco nights.
Episode 2 - Samosa, Sambusa, Sambusak
2020 Jun 2925m 47s
Food offers an intimate window into other cultures and lived experiences. We talk about Ethiopian on El Cajon Blvd, white-guy Kimchi and Korean snacks at Trader Joe’s, and everything in between as we explore eating with intention, respect, and an open heart.
Episode 1 - Ode to Pickles and Pizza
2020 Jun 2926m 50s
Hot Chicken hits Pacific Beach, pickles come to the rescue, and pizza takes a trip around the world to become everyone’s favorite indulgence. We wrap things up with Maria’s Korean-inflected, go-to fridge clean-out meal.