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The millennial wave is a podcast hosted by two young African super humans,we start conversations the conservative African society has dimmed wrong.We talk about issues that affects us millennials and many times if not all,we try and get solutions in our daily conversation. We also give you a dose of laughter and make sure you are entertained all the way.Welcome to the millennial wave.


2020 Mar 0618m 32s
today we have a sit down talk and reflect on what has happened over the past couple of weeks we have been doing this,also i came to know that Cynthia fears the police😂😂😂
2020 Feb 2732m 49s
For sometime now we have been meaning to have this conversation ,social media has totally changed the game interms of communication,business and relationships.Today we have a sit down conversation of how social media has changed us as people.ENJOY
2020 Feb 2050m 35s
Today after being away for sometime we are back with a thought provoking conversation.We talk about sex,the African norms and what we should do to change this.#themillennialwave.
We are suspended in space
2020 Jan 3038m 6s
Yooooow📣📣in this episode we have a sit down talk where we review the month from the first episode to now.we also place a game NEVER HAVE I EVER with our own twist.Thank you for listening in advance. The millennial wave
2020 Jan 2350m 10s
Ladies and gents today ,we talk about relationships a topic sooo many millennials hold dear.We try to answer one very crucial question. WHAT WORKS AND WHAT DOESN'T. We also share personal experiences that help you as the listeners get a deep connection to what we are talking about.As ussual your feedback is highly appreciated. This is the millennial wave.
2020 Jan 1527m 10s
Sooo,we are back again and this time we talk new year resolutions.Why do we need them?How do we stick to them?what are our resolutions? Thank you for listening in advance.You are treasured and loved.
Reviewing the decade 2010-2019
2020 Jan 0927m 40s
Wasssup..people☝its 2020 and as promised we here with the first episode, today we go down memory lane discussing the events that marked the last decade.Your feedback is highly appreciated. Join the wave.#millennialwave