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This podcast is all about personal transformation. Through honest, heartfelt conversations about topics that matter to you, we’ll be working together to create a mindset you love living in. One that embraces kindness towards yourself and others, a peaceful way of being, and over all a more joyful approach to life. Join the journey today! I'm excited to have you on board. - Marissa Sail Fike Support this podcast:


The Art of Following Through (Intentionality, and Finishing What You Start!)
2020 Aug 1720m 26s
Which do you show more respect for: yourself, or a pan of brownies? That's the big question we're asking in this episode, but you'll have to tune in for the full analogy ;) Join us as we pin point FOUR things that commonly keep people from finishing what they start, and several ideas that'll help you crush them once and for all!
Transforming Your Circumstances
2020 Jul 2722m 59s
There are many inspiring stories in existence about breakthroughs and quick healings, but hardly any about people who have  not yet experienced breakthrough results, and still found a way to cope, and even thrive. Well, today... I’m here to fill that gap. To pass on a message of hope that there is always a way to transform your circumstance. This is a message for those who are smack in the middle of a trial… still wondering if it’ll get better… if your story will become an inspiring tribute to your patience. You don’t need to wait for positive results to have an inspiring testimony… you can kick start it right now.
"Intention Seeking", and thoughts on Minimalism - An Interview with Victoria Metal
2020 Jul 1040m 1s
In this episode, we get to spend our morning coffee with special guest, Victoria Metal, host of "The Intention Seekers" podcast! Victoria shares the biggest turning point in her life... the moment that changed everything and began her journey toward being an "Intention Seeker". We discuss minimalism, and how it had a role to play in rising above her depression and anxiety, as well as some of her favorite helpful resources for anyone on a similar journey!
The Beauty of Not Taking Life So Seriously
2020 Jun 2817m 12s
In this episode, we're going to discuss the amazing amount of freedom that comes with taking nothing personally, the joy that comes with taking yourself less seriously, and most importantly, the one thing we should be taking extra seriously.
Productivity and Four Things To Remember To Help Kick Procrastination!
2020 Jun 1714m 5s
In this episode, I'm going to share with you guys my best tips on how to kick procrastination once and for all, how you can slowly ease yourself out of burnout, and most importantly, how you can finally begin taking action toward accomplishing your goals and living your dream life!
Rest - Three Tips for Embracing and Including it Into Your Busy Schedule!
2020 May 2316m 33s
We live in a world of busy, busy people. As soon as one thing gets scratched off our to-do lists, another thing gets added to it. Do you ever feel unaccomplished at the end of the day when you’ve only managed to complete a few things on your list? Do you feel like there’s just not enough time in a day, or that you simply don’t have the energy to fulfill your daily duties? If so, you’re in good company - There is a massive community of people who are well acquainted with these feelings… But I think it’s time for a new truth to take up residence in our minds: that you are worthy and deserving of rest.
Authenticity & Finding Your Voice
2020 May 1520m 4s
Your unique voice is more powerful than you know, but do you ever wonder if the words you say are authentically yours, or just the remnants of someone who has influenced you? Do you ever stay quiet when you wish you would've spoken, or speak when you wish you'd have been silent? These are things we can slowly begin to resolve as we explore our voices more and more and become confident in our authenticity. We kick off this episode by talking about a few unique things I've learned about my own voice (Let's see if we have any of these things in common!), then we talk about a few ways you can begin exploring your own voice and using it more confidently. (Spoiler alert - get ready to hear some therapeutic benefits of Journaling!) Stay tuned til' the end for some helpful resources in getting you started (including some Enriching and easily accessible journal prompts) and of course, today's scriptural inspiration! >>>EPISODE TIME MAP: (0.0 - 1.46: Topic Intro) (1.47 - 8.42: Things I've learned about My own voice) (8.43 - 12.30: Accepting the unique power of YOUR voice, and the importance of giving yourself an outlet) (12.31 - 15.59: SIX therapeutic benefits of Journaling) (16.00 - 19.13: Helpful Resources!) (19.14 - 20.10 - Scriptural Inspo!) Venmo:@Marissa-Fike-1 < | >>>> < | >>>>My Insta: @m.sail.f < | >>>> My Website: (My Joyful Journal available here!)
2020 May 0338m 35s
In today's episode of Joyful Headspace, we tackle the ever prevalent issue of depression, and how you can take the first steps toward living your best life. Discover the "Wellness Toolbox" I've prepared for you consisting of 8 emotional wellness tips, and how you can use them to regain your strength. But first,
A Tribute to the "Too-Nice" People in Life.
2020 Apr 2415m 20s
Everyone knows at least one person who fits the description of a "Too-Nice" person... You know, those people who are fiercely loyal, never give up hope for someone, and sometimes suffer the consequences of unconditionally loving someone, even when it's not reciprocated. Again, I'm SURE you know someone like this... Or maybe just maybe, you know deep down that that person is YOU. In this episode, we talk about four things that'll feel familiar to a 'too-nice' friend including their mannerisms and struggles. Then we dive into five tips on how that person can keep their gem of a personality without being taken advantage of, or feeling devalued. Remember to stick around till the end for todays scriptural inspiration! Podcast Donations: >>>> Venmo:@Marissa-Fike-1 < | >>>> < | >>>>My Insta: @m.sail.f < | >>>>Topic Request: @positivelyy_abbyy
Cheating: Six Healing Reminders and the Two Types of Forgiveness
2020 Apr 1413m 10s
In this episode of Joyful Headspace, we cover a heavy subject: Cheating. Even if this is something you've never experienced personally, you're still going to want to give this one a listen, because I've woven in little mental health gems here and there everyone can benefit from! We begin with Six Healing Reminders for anyone dealing with this. Then we talk about the two types of Forgiveness and how they can benefit you. By the end, you'll be able to approach this situation from a mindset that initiates Healing and Growth, and feel inspired to start taking back leadership over your own life. Podcast Donations: >>>> Venmo:@Marissa-Fike-1 < | >>>>