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The Crazy Pants No Pants Hour of Mike Foolery featuring Barry the Loquacious is unlike any podcast experience you've ever even dreamed possible to happen in the world. We literally tackle every topic from religion to how dumb religion is. I also give you facts that you probably shouldn't know. I make up words. I can't think of one reason not to listen. Mike Foolery gives it 5 out of 5 stars for mind numbing awesome face, crazy face. Way better than Making the Bad and almost as good as The Hills.


Stephen Baldwin and the Technicolor Dream Warriors
2008 Nov 20
A Special Show for A Special Time The unedited Crazy Pants No Pants Hour of Mike Foolery Special. Featuring Brad the Believer. This is a full hour of funny. And I haven't listen to the whole thing so don't blame me if we offend or bore. We promise nothing.
Stone Temple Douche Bags
2008 Oct 15
10/13/08. 8 mins.  Brad actually got physically ill during the live broadcast of this show. And I think I know why.
I will bang you in the angel...
2008 Oct 09
10/08/08. 3 mins.  It's 3 minutes long. It doesn't get a description.
Pushin' for the Kushin' - mini cast
2008 Sep 30
9/29/08. 5 mins.  Warm and fuzzy, that's how I would describe this little show. Warm like a fuzzy nipple. The kind of show where people laugh louder at jokes that they actually get, regardless if it's a funny joke or not.
Take it back!!!!!!!
2008 Sep 24
9/23/08. 14 mins.  Mike Foolery is here, Barry is missing, and Fucking Seth is learning how to cook. But there is good news: Fat Bret Favre is back for more and I like our odds. Join us for another raucous edition of the CPNP RADIO SHOW.
Does Sarah Palin Shit in the Woods?
2008 Sep 20
9/18/08. 10 mins.  Tonight on CPNP Radio: Barry the Loquacious is nowhere to be found, I reflect on spitting gum in an innocent girl's hair, my Michael Caine impression is close to perfect, and Fucking Seth refuses to read Vampire News. It's a short one.
The Economy is Stupid, Stupid!
2008 Sep 18
9/17/08. 33 mins.  We defend our lack of vampire news, Barry introduces us to some controversial abortion poetry, Mikey liked it and he did die from mixing pop rocks and soda, and R Kelly reminds us what it's like to be human again.
By the Time I Get Home...
2008 Sep 17
9/16/08. 33 mins.  Satanists eat human hearts - what does PETA have to say, two hookers murdered after a sex party - do you still have to pay them, the shortest man and the longest legs - who has the advantage. Plus, LiLo hits back at the paps, Audrina Partridge gives us Prom advice, and Banana slugs devour each other's penises. All this and more with Mike Foolery and Barry the Loquacious.
The Fool or the Fool that Follows
2008 Sep 16
9/15/08. 40 mins.  The love Dr. offers some saucy advice, we discuss the best way to kill yourself without embarrassing your family, can eskimos really predict the future, is it lice or just a practical joke, and how many fingers am I holding up? You better know the answers to these and many more questions or I'm going to do things to this country you only read about in Tom Clancy joints.
Reading People
2008 Sep 11
9/10/08. 23 mins.  We'll hear Matt Damon comparing Sarah Palin to a Disney Movie, A 21-year-old girl puts her virginity up on eBay, exclusive premier of the hit God song 'Jesus is my Friend', and did the world end today? We'll let you know the answer to this and many more questions like, how do I hire a hitman? Coming up next, on The Crazy Pants No Pants Show