Transforming Our Futures
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Join our conversations where we discuss how we can transform our future in the 21st century at a time of great change and crisis. Learn what we can all do to make a difference.


Better Streets, Green Spaces & Local Action
2020 Sep 2437m 55s
Join us in this Podcast when we will be interviewing Alice Roberts from the Campaign To Protect Rural England and the Better Streets Scorecard.
Cycling From London To Istanbul
2020 Sep 1833m 31s
In this Podcast Hannah Dyson interviews Ozgur Korkmaz on his epic cycle journey
Gender & Active Travel
2020 Sep 0830m 44s
In this Podcast we discuss with Julia Valentine & Catriona Leggat the issue of gender and active travel.
A tidal wave of change: flexibility in the workplace and widening participation in politics.
2020 Sep 0431m 48s
In this Podcast Hannah Dyson interviews Enfield Councillor Clare De Silva about widening participation in both work and politics. Clare De Silva , Conservative Councillor for Bush Hill Park will explore how society is surfing a tidal wave of change.
Mapping Your Local Community
2020 Aug 2833m 35s
In this Podcast Emma Rigby and Francis Sealey interview Cormac Russell where we discuss enriching local communities through community mapping and asset based development.
Developing Community Energy Locally
2020 Aug 2532m 6s
In this podcast we interview Duncan Law about the importance of community energy in local planning around climate change
Tackling Structural Racism In British Society
2020 Aug 1933m 20s
In this webinar we interview Roger McKenzie the Assistant General Secretary of UNISON and a candidate to be their General Secretary.
The Inspirational Theo Sergiou
2020 Aug 1432m 11s
Theo is a cancer survivor has won the Rotary Young Citizen Award after being nominated by Enfield Chase Rotary Club.
Climate Change, Future Generations & People Of Colour
2020 Aug 1232m 17s
In this Podcast we interview Jasmine Sanders in our Conversation Across Borders series. Jasmine is the CEO of Our Climate based in Washington DC.
Asylum Seekers & The Welcome Card
2020 Aug 0736m 5s
In this Podcast one in our “Conversation Across Borders” series we will talk to Veronica Polinedro about how Sweden dealt with the influx of migration that swept Europe after 2015