A Father and Daughter
  • Kaydon Stubbs
19 episodes
I am a Father to a young daughter that spends a good portion of the day Sleeping, playing and just being around me her father. We will talk about the things we do everyday as I work. This includes listening to podcast, Landscaping, programming, video games and any other thing that interests me. You can contact us( My daughter and I) at: fatherandhisdaughtertogether@gmail.com Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/fatherdaughter/support


Motivation. I am doing it.
2020 Apr 2217m 55s
We talk about motivation. What is my motivation. How do i motivate myself. What are some methodes to try to motivate yourself?
2020 Mar 1815m 34s
We discuse the use of foul language. Do i use it?
The client
2020 Mar 119m 16s
We talk about my process of getting a client working with a client and providing a plesant experience for a client
Is it moral?
2020 Mar 0413m 20s
We talk about morality and technology. Does technology change the rules?
Recap again
2020 Feb 2612m 31s
We talk about what i am doing.
2020 Jan 1610m 19s
I check uo with you
New year new me?
2020 Jan 1016m 39s
We talk about why i havnt posted for a while. We talk about questions I have and concerns. I share my current goals and ask for your help to achieve them
Father Daughter Activities
2019 Oct 2315m 46s
This Week we talk about family activities.
2019 Oct 189m 15s
What do you do when your life is to busy?
Exercise number 2
2019 Oct 0316m 48s
Exercise number 2