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Cheekytalk About:Hi Cheekytalkers!My name is Yanie and welcome to Cheekytalk Podcast This podcast is about anything and everything random. I will be sharing cheeky opinions, insights regarding different topics. So join me sa dakdakan, cheekyhan and kalerkyness! Cheeky out ;)


2020 Jul 1749m 56s
Self love is a popular term today that gets tossed in normal conversations: "You have to love yourself more" "If you only loved yourself, this wouldn't have happened to you". These are some few of the self-love advices to suggest a way to a more living...
5. Iba't ibang uri ng MANGINGINOM!?
2020 Jun 2428m 30s
Bukod sa iyakan at tawanan, may isang bagay na hindi mawawala sa barkadahan. At ito ay ang inuman. Bawat araw ay may rason para mag-celebrate ang barkada. At sa bawat session, for sure, may iba’t ibang uri ng inuman buddies.Samahan si Yanie sa masayang...
4. Broken Friendship and How to Deal with it
2020 Jun 2250m 42s
Have you ever had a close friend abandon you or have you ever exited a friendship without notice? The emotions and actions surrounding a broken friendship can be complex and hurtful, but they are very real and can hurt deeply.Yanie with her co-host...
3. Cheeky Talks about LOVE with Brgy. 895
2020 Jun 1946m 26s
Yanie and Brgy. 895 talks about their own perspective of love, their thoughts on LDR, discusses the positive and negative side of Love where they elaborate on Pride and how it damages relationships.They also exchange their views on Cheating and how and...
2020 Jun 1543m 16s
Filipinos are known around the world for their positivity and how they always find a reason to smile and share good vibes. But just like anything and everything around the world, Pinoys are composed of the good, bad and ugly too.Yanie and her co-host...
2020 Jun 1217m 14s
Yanie introduces herself as the host of CheekyTalk where she talks about how to handle cancelled events (Wedding Event) because of COVID-19.She gives cheeky tips and advises as well as sharing her own experience.Be ready for a fun-filled chikahan,...
CheekyTalk Teaser
2020 Jun 1037s
Hi CheekyTalkers!Welcome to CheekyTalk.This podcast is about anything and everything random.I will be sharing cheeky opinions, insights regarding different topics.So join me sa dakdakan, cheekyhan and kalerkyness!