• Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan
48 episodes
Join Gaby Spartz and Mashi Scanlan each week as they cover the latest in Magic news and events. Prepare yourself for hot takes, Mashi's attempt at clever jokes, and a deep dive into Magic, gaming, and more!


MagicFM #48 - The Fastest Bans In The West
2020 Sep 251h 4m 14s
Gaby and Mashi talk about how bans are needed (and coming) just days after Zendikar Rising's release, while also going over the MTGA Developer Roadmap.
MagicFM #47 - Zendikar Rising First Impressions and Mythic Invitational Post-Mortem
2020 Sep 191h 4m 13s
Gaby and Mashi give their first impressions on Zendikar Rising before taking a critical eye to all the exciting things that happened at the Mythic Invitational.
MagicFM #46 - A Collection of Cubes
2020 Sep 101h 2s
Gaby and Mashi talk Cube this week, focusing on how to build a cube and highlighting sweet cube themes sent in by listeners.
MagicFM #45 - The MTG Crossover We Always Wanted
2020 Sep 041h 1m 6s
We saw an incredible slate of Magic announcements this week - listen to hear Mashi and Gaby enthusiastically review all of them, including a crossover we've all been waiting for.
MagicFM #44 - Supreme Draft, A New Hall of Fame, and Q&A with LSV
2020 Aug 281h 4m 34s
On this week's MagicFM, Mashi is joined by exceedingly special guest LSV to talk Hall of Fame, Supreme Draft, and answer listener questions!
MagicFM #43 - A Crossover Worth Scrying to the Top
2020 Aug 221h 57s
On this week's MagicFM, Denis from Scry Me a River joins the podcast, and Gaby and Mashi show him that the grass is definitely greener on the other side of the river.
MagicFM #42 - Breaking Down Amonkhet Remastered and Checking In On Standard
2020 Aug 1459m 59s
On this week's MagicFM, Gaby and Mashi take a look at what Amonkhet Remastered brings to the table (and some of the implications of how it's been released), as well as checking in on post-ban Standard.TimestampsAll about Amonkhet Remastered -...
MagicFM #41 - Biggest Ban Announcement Ever and Are Arena Opens Predatory?
2020 Aug 091h 3m 18s
On this week's MagicFM, Gaby and Mashi take a good look at how the Arena Opens are run, as well as covering the fallout from one of the most sweeping ban announcements ever.
MagicFM #40 - Diving Into Zendikar Set Boosters, PT Finals, and Top 8 Boardgames
2020 Jul 311h 3m 16s
On this week's MagicFM, Gaby and Mashi take a crack at what the new Zendikar Set Boosters bring to the table, discuss the upcoming PT Finals Top 8, and Gaby goes over her Top 8 Boardgames!
MagicFM #39 - Streaming, Content Creation, and Avoiding Burnout (Featuring Jana Amari)
2020 Jul 241h 4m 18s
On this week's MagicFM, Gaby and Mashi are joined by special guest Jana Amari to cover all things content creation, from streaming and growing your audience to how avoid burning out.