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Answering your questions about topics that matters to us and you. Our first episode is airing February 5th, stay tuned!


Wandering Chicago (Episode #1)
2020 Feb 0614m 33s
This group is always wandering Chicago with their stories. Be sure to stay tuned for other podcasts upcoming.
First Podcast Tswizzle in the City. Which is better soccer or cheerleading
2020 Feb 0612m 19s
On our first podcast, we will be discussing about which sport we think is better. Soccer vs Cheerleading. We will have a guest to discuss about this topic.
Insight on holmes
2020 Feb 0615m 55s
On today's episode we're uncovering the truth on America's oldest serial killer, H.H Holmes. If you like what you heard on today's podcast catch us next week talking on the St. Valentine Massacre.
In/out school sports
2020 Feb 0617m 30s
We will be publishing every week, once a week. So stay tuned.... Comments or topics you want us to talk about please follow our Instagram Chicago_highlights2020. and never hesitate to message the topics you want to hear about
Chicago Unbroken (Episode #1)
2020 Feb 0514m 48s
Our first episode! This is a very historic day for us. Be sure to tune in next week for the Chicago Unbroken podcast.
Chicago Uncovered Tswissy In the City (Commercial)
2020 Jan 2431s
Trinity's Commercial
Chicago Uncovered Center of Attention (Commercial)
2020 Jan 2426s
Aaron will be talking to you about many things from the City of Chicago...
Chicago Uncovered (Commercial)
2020 Jan 2335s
Aw snap, here we go again with another commercial. Make sure to stay tuned until February 5th!
CEO Introduction of Chicago Uncovered (Commercial)
2020 Jan 231m 2s
This is a commercial from our CEO. Tune in on February 5th for our first show
Chicago Undercover The Life of ChiTown (Commercial)
2020 Jan 2228s
Our show will be about young upcoming student athletes and other topics/events that relate to the City of Chicago