Let's Talk About Cool Animals!
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Daniel Reitman and Mauro Carignano from Dan's Dog Walking & Pet Sitting bring you the coolest stories about the coolest animals from all over the world and throughout history! Every Monday we'll bring you extraordinary stories that will blow your minds! Don't forget to subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts! Stay in touch: animals@danspetcare.com --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/ltaca/support


W.O.W - MOSASAURUS: Water Nightmare!
2020 Sep 2311m 2s
Mosasaurus was a giant crocodile-snake-fish thing that ruled the oceans in the Late Cretaceous period! If you watched Jurassic World you've already seen it in action! Come in and learn about this nightmare! Click HERE to email us!!
#19 - Topsy the Elephant: A majestic creature surrounded by a**holes!!!
2020 Sep 2126m 14s
*BUMMER EPISODE WARNING* This episode does not have a happy ending, but there are some interesting nit-bits scattered across! Topsy was an Asian elephant who, much like many other episodes, succumbed to the horrors of circuses in the late 1800s and early 1900s! What makes this story interesting is the connection that people drew between Topsy and the War of the Currents! Sorry to bum you out! Visit the Wildlife Conservation Society to learn about elephant conservation efforts!
W.O.W. - HAAST'S EAGLE: Big ol' bird!!!
2020 Sep 1611m 17s
The Haast's Eagle is the LARGEST eagle ever known to man!! It roamed the grounds of New Zealand for a couple of million years and died out more recently than you might think! Visit us at animalspodcast.com and get in touch with us to suggest an episode!
#18 - BEES !!!!!!!!!!!
2020 Sep 1426m 41s
WE WERE ON BUZZFEED! SO WE'RE DOING AN EPISODES ON BEES. GET IT?! But seriously bees are absolutely incredible and super important so come learn about these hardworking little critters! Also come say hi !!!!
W.O.W. - Argentinosaurus: Largest Dinosaur Ever!!!!
2020 Sep 0914m 54s
The ARGENTINOSAURUS, a dinosaur that no one heard of, was the LARGEST ANIMAL to have ever walked the earth! This is our first Wiped Out Wednesdays episode where we feature a dinosaur, and it's a good one! Also visit our website animalspodcast.com and come say hi!
#17 - Narwhals: The Unicorn of the Sea
2020 Sep 0732m 36s
What can we say about the narwhal? Well...a lot apparently. This episode is filled with facts and admiration for narwhals! Come learn about these majestic creatures so you can sound smart next time they come up in conversation! We also have a website now! visit animalspodcast.com and come say hi! Learn more about narwhal conservation efforts here!
W.O.W. - ANOMALOCARIS: Abnormal Shrimp!
2020 Sep 0216m 34s
Welcome back to Wiped Out Wednesdays! Today we are talking about the ANOMALOCARIS was a super weird clusterf*ck of an animal that lived around 500 million years ago during the Cambrian Period. This thing was terrifying, weird-looking, but probably tasted delicious! Thank GOD it's Wiped Out though! If you don't like to listen to us you can WATCH US INSTEAD!
#16 - Paul The Octopus (Football [or soccer] Oracle)
2020 Aug 3123m 39s
WE ARE BACK! This week we are in Brooklyn and we are talking about the amazing, the divine, the almighty PAUL THE OCTOPUS! Paul achieved worldwide fame by predicting the outcome to important international football matches that Germany played! Listen to find out how he did it! Also you can learn about how smart and incredible cephalopods are!
2020 Aug 244m 20s
We are taking a break this week because Dan is an engaged man! So we wanted to release a little tidbit of an episode so you don't feel lost and devoid of meaning! We will be back next week with a full-length Monday episode and a Wiped Out Wednesdays episode! Thank you everyone for all the kind words and messages!
W.O.W. - GIANT OWL (with a super cool name!)
2020 Aug 1912m 38s
The ORNIMEGALONYX (coolest name ever) was a giant prehistoric owl that lived (alongside humans at one point) in the Pleistocene Epoch! Remains were only found in Cuba! This thing was huge, cool, and pretty scary, but it is now WIPED OUT! This is Wiped Out Wednesdays, a segment of Let's Talk About Cool Animals!