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  • David Yateman
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Navjit, Phd Candidate Architect Sketch Artist!
2020 Aug 179m 7s
Here about Navjit Gaurav, Sketch Art as a Architect
360 Filmmaker Rachel Bracker
2020 Aug 1026m 52s
Next Feel Good side chats interview is with 360 Filmmaker Rachel Bracker, talking mostly about her recent Documentary series With the Wind and the Stars www.withthewindandthestars.com
the Marine Museum Renovations in Kingston
2020 Aug 037m 11s
Chris talks about some of the Marine Museum Renovations in Kingston
financial planning during unknown times
2020 Jun 2211m 30s
Kelly, Consultant at IG Wealth Management offers some tips on financial planning during these unknown times.
Mental Wellness & Addictions
2020 Jun 1521m 5s
Ashley tells her story about helping people’s Mental health and wellness.  Listen in to find out how she can help you.
Esthetician and Make-up Artist During COVID-19
2020 Jun 0810m 25s
Kristin tells her story about how it feels to be a Esthetician and Make-up Artist During COVID-19.
Creating Small Business Art!
2020 Jun 018m 9s
Tracy Murphy , Creates Small Business Art!,  listen to find out what it is!
Caylee is passionate about her community in Kingston
2020 Jun 0113m 22s
Caylee is passionate about her community in Kingston!  She is always helping people in her community.  Hear Caylee COVID-19 story and how she is coping!
Canadian Drone Video
2020 Jun 0110m 53s
Sandy Berg, talks about her involvement in the  Together at Home - Canadian Drone Video  from skeye stream!
Creating interesting Art displays
2020 Jun 0114m 24s
David Dossett is passionate about his community in Kingston!   Creating interesting Art displays.   David is the owner of Martello Alley & Martello on Brock