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It's Been A Week is recorded live in Brooklyn and hosted by Jackie Danziger and James Tison: two neurotics who are addicted to media, the internet, AND each other! Join them as they express various shades of sarcasm about this week's endless onslaught of feuds, internet outrage, and Taylor Swift antics. (Needlessly aggressive banter abounds).


Ep. 31 - "Frack This Fracking Country: An Election Special" - 11/17/16
2016 Nov 1842m 57s
After a 6-month hiatus, Jackie and James get the band back together to wax poetic about our nation's impending doom. James cries in the first 30 seconds and Jackie drops some F-bombs as they both try to cope with our new political reality. Thank god for Kate McKinnon singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah!"
2016 Feb 263m 15s
Jackie and James read an excerpt from Rebecca Traister's article "The Single American Woman" and marvel at its glory.
Ep. 30 - "I Know You Are, But What Am I?" - (2/24/2016)
2016 Feb 2557m 31s
"An entitled woman? Let's get her!" This week, Jackie and James discuss the Internet backlash to the "25 Year Old Ranting Millennial," Samantha Bee's amazing new late-night talk show, and Rebecca Traister's essay "The Single American Woman." Why is our listenership 85% female? #unsolvedmysteries #itsaconundrum
Clip - "Who CAN Say Bitch, Exactly?" (from Ep. 29)
2016 Feb 192m 49s
Jackie and James discuss the feminist dynamics in the feud that just won't die.
Clip - "...You Probably Hate Women, Too" - (From Ep. 29)
2016 Feb 192m 33s
In this clip, Jackie and James continue their discussion of David Thorpe's 2015 documentary "Do I Sound Gay?" Spoiler alert: if you hate gay men, you probably hate women, too.
Clip - "Do You Have To Be SO Gay?" - (from Ep. 29)
2016 Feb 192m 56s
"I don't mind that you're gay... but do you have to be SO gay?" In this clip, Jackie and James discuss David Thorpe's documentary "Do I Sound Gay," and the internalized prejudice in how we hear gay men.
Ep. 29 - "Do We Sound Gay?" - 2/17/16
2016 Feb 181h 48s
This week, Jackie and James tackle Taylor Swift's never-ending feud with Kanye West, Tim Gunn's paternal relationship with the Project Runway: Juniors contestants, and the feminism behind David Thorpe's documentary "Do I Sound Gay."
Clip - "Hillary's Speaking Fees" (from Ep. 28)
2016 Feb 112m 15s
Jackie wouldn't stop dropping mics this episode. SO MUCH BROKEN SOUND EQUIPMENT!
Clip - "Facebook Etiquette Advisory" - (from Ep. 28)
2016 Feb 103m 1s
Are you addicted to Facebook arguments? Are you isolating friends, acquaintances, and distant relatives with your incessant need to challenge their political beliefs? Have you used the word "Feminazi" in a public Internet forum? If so, this is for you.