Legends in the Dark
  • Leslie and J
69 episodes
Urban Legends: That are creepy, unexplained, and downright unsettling.


Episode 64- The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel and The Devils Backbone
2020 Sep 1842m 57s
Tonight J heads to Canada to tell us about the hauntings of a 1800s hotel. Meanwhile, Leslie heads to Central Texas to talk about the land known as the Devils Backbone and its ghostly stories.
Episode 63- The Empress Hotel and the Black Monk of Pontefract
2020 Sep 0441m 24s
Tonight Leslie revisits a Listener story as she covers a haunted hotel in Canada. Meanwhile, J heads to England to tell about one of the creepiest ghost stories involving a family's experience with a ghost that left marks.
Episode 62- Bodie CA Curse and Springheeled Jack
2020 Aug 2033m 45s
Tonight Leslie tells the story about a California ghost town that provides curses to the visitors if they decide to take a piece home. Meanwhile, J travels to Victorian England to talk about the phantom that stalked the London streets in a popular urban legend.
Episode 61- The Hatman and the Alice Killings Urban Legend
2020 Aug 0735m 37s
Tonight J tells the story about shadow people, including the creepy Hatman. Meanwhile, Leslie begins with a Japanese Urban Legend, of an unsolved mystery, that actually has some truth behind it.
Episode 60- The Travis Walton Encounter and the Pascagoula Abduction
2020 Jul 2338m 13s
Tonight Leslie talks about the alien abduction story that inspired the 1993 movie Fire in the Sky. Meanwhile, J talks about a Mississippi alien abduction  with a pair of fishing buddies. As an added bonus, Leslie shares her own creepy experince.
Episode 59—Dyatlov Pass and Randonautica App
2020 Jul 091h 2m 31s
Tonight J takes you to Russia to tell you about nine missing ski hikers and the theories of what happened to them. Meanwhile, Leslie is so excited about finding out this new App and the creepy stories behind it, she may talk a little too fast, but don’t worry, the stories are worth it. Everything from strange paranormal events to an actual news story.
Episode 57—The Menger Hotel and the New Jersey Devil
2020 May 2931m 16s
Another back log episode... how do I know it is a backlog? Our excitement for spring and plans to travel. Enjoy the episode!!
Episode 56—Game Night—Scary Game Legends
2020 May 0149m 50s
Pre Shelter in Place, here is a backlog episode for everyone to enjoy.
Episode 55—Part 3 Hunt for the Skinwalker Movie review
2020 Mar 0643m 23s
Tonight join J and Leslie as they discuss the movie Hunt for the Skinwalker and review their thoughts on this documentary and how close it was to the book Leslie read.