• Andy Peco
3 episodes
Self-proclaimed athlete, photographer, podcast superstar and life coach. πŸ–€ Est. 2020


Episode 002: 1 AM Conversations
2020 Aug 0422m 34s
This is a β€œbiglaan” session, not planning to post this actually BUUUUT I think this can open insights and conversations when in a relationship or not. HAHAHA. I hope this episode can bring delight to your auditory cravings! Take time to make your soul happy! πŸ–€
Episode 001: Testing
2020 Jun 2830m 45s
Invited two of my closest friends that helped me a lot after a heartbreak to talk about crush in the time of quarantine. HAHAHA. Hope you will enjoy this episode. Cheers to friendship! πŸ–€
2020 Mar 2434s
Trailer daw. Ano ba ang gusto niyo g marinig?