Recounting Life Lessons
  • Sione and Alana Uyema
17 episodes
The show that has Sione and Alana Uyema recounting the lessons that life's adventures have taught them. Together they share why and how the life lessons they've been sharing in their YouTube videos can be significant for anyone and the tips and mindset behind applying them.


Failing Fabulously
2020 Sep 2525m 30s
Failure is a part of life, in fact, it is a part of the process when we are going after our goals and striving to grow.
Adding Joy to the Journey
2020 Aug 2927m 14s
Going through the journey adds value to the destination itself. As convenient as a free handout or teleporting may sound, we end up missing out on the skills, knowledge, or known and unknown experiences that we'd have and develop along the way.
Growth's Impact
2020 Aug 1149m 47s
Life Lesson 14 is about how making personal development and growth a habit makes serving others effortless when the time to serve comes up.
Environments for Success
2020 Jul 1226m
While we can't control everything in our circumstances, there are a lot of things that we do have control of. In this episode, Sione and Alana discuss 5 things to consider when choosing and creating environments for success.
Increase empathy and try new things
2020 Jun 1923m 32s
Life Lesson 12 is all about trying new things and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone in order to be a better advocate and increase our empathy.
Empowering Ways to Respond to Fear
2020 May 2022m 35s
Fear. It's not usually an emotion that one would associate with feelings of empowerment. But what if we told you that it is actually possible to respond to fear in ways that left you feeling empowered and able to live with greater joy and confidence?
Your presence impacts
2020 May 0731m 6s
Life Lesson 10 is that the people we share our adventures with will make or break them.
Celebrating and Connecting when separated physically
2020 Apr 1512m 49s
Life Lesson 9 is that celebrations are not just for the ones being celebrated.
Seizing the Moments
2020 Apr 0330m 1s
Life Lesson 8 is "You don't have to wait for adventures and memories, create them!"
Gaining Perspective
2020 Mar 1924m 28s
Life Lesson 7 is "The right perspective can make all the difference in the world."