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A place where masculine-identifying people come together in community to disrupt outdated models of masculinity; and together, construct new models for our way forward as men.


Bill Attride- Astrologer, Seer, Transformer
2020 Sep 281h 15m 42s
On this episode, Travis talks with Astrologer Bill Attride, who in a reading from 2015, helped to point Travis in the direction of work around masculinity. Bill identifies as an astrologer, as a seer, and as a transformer. He offers to The New Masculine a uniquely perspective that blends metaphysical and psychological insights with the language of astrology to help us better understand the wildly changing landscape around masculinity and patriarchal systems. Bill helps Travis explore the current astrological phase which is marked by an overdevelopment of ego and the separate, individualized self. Together they discuss the environmental, psychological, economic, and political consequences of this imbalance. He finished the episode by offering his interpretation of the new, astrological phase we are entering- one that he hopes will move us beyond the egoic self and restore balance to our world.
Michael Addis- Author, Social Scientist, Father
2020 Sep 141h 11m 29s
On this episode, Travis speaks with Michael E. Addis, PhD, who coauthored (with Ethan Hoffman) the new book The Psychology of Men in Context. As the back cover states, this book "is a valuable introduction to the history, current scholarship, and social implications of the psychological study of men and masculinity." Michael's major focus is men's mental health and the consequences of not having the tools, nor the space, to communicate our emotions as men. He provides a broader viewpoint for our conversations on The New Masculine by spelling out the 5 different perspectives, as well as the political landscape in which they exist, that are often used to study and explain masculinity. Further, he helps Travis explore the concept of privilege and what blocks many men from recognizing their privilege.
Nick Cho- Father, Korean American, Entrepreneur
2020 Aug 311h 18m 19s
On this episode, Travis talks with Nick Cho, entrepreneur and TikTok personality -@yourkoreandad, who uses his social media platform to model his values around masculinity and fatherhood. In one 30 second video directed at LGBTQ children, Nick demonstrates a level of empathy, caring, and inclusivity that I want to encourage other men to use as a model. We discuss topics like his personal hero, Mr. Rogers, the importance of empathy, subversive masculinity, heterosupremacy, and the unexpected way his point-of view has connected with viewers. His keen perspective on masculinity's role in many of the current social justice challenges we face today makes for a great addition to The New Masculine.
Adrian Shanker- Queer Man & Activist
2020 Aug 171h 9m
On this episode, Travis talks to Adrian Shanker, founder and executive director of the Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Adrian is here to talk about the new book Bodies and Barriers: Queer Activists on Health, for which he is the editor and a contributing author. Through his own story and the stories of his fellow authors, he emphasizes the challenges that LGBT people face as they navigate systems that, at best do not speak to the realities of their lives, and at worst devalue and shame them. This book is a first of its kind, being a collection of essays written by LGBT healthcare consumers to help inform and improve healthcare practices toward more equity.
Jett Adore- Teacher, Social Activist, Performance Artist
2020 Aug 031h 10m 17s
On this episode, Travis talks with performance artist, Jett Adore, who uses male burlesque to twist around current ideals of masculinity. Jett identifies as a teacher, as a social activist, and as a performance artist. Through his art, Jett invites you to consider your definitions of masculinity while modeling more expanded and inclusive definitions. In our conversation, he shares the belief that masculinity, when idealized and pushed to heightened levels, actually becomes a limitation and takes from our power as men. He asks us to think about how many of our gifts are left unclaimed because they do not lead to the appearance masculinity. Lastly, Jett stresses that masculinity does not belong to men. He believes, if there are qualities we truly value within masculinity then those should be available to all people regardless of gender.
Meridian Mayer- Brother, Lover, Husband
2020 Jul 2056m 29s
On this episode, Travis explores the impact masculinity has on the intersections of each of our most important identities as men. Meridian Mayer identifies as a brother, as a lover, and as husband. For context, Meridian is a black man, adopted and socialized by a white family, who has also been on a transformational journey with his own gender identity. The complexity and diversity of his life experiences allow Meridian more freedom to intentionally choose the type of man he wants to be rather than operate on outdated models. Embedded in the stories he shares are opportunities for each of us to release the judgments that our culture teaches us and expand in the direction of more wholeness. He shares his process of finding balance at the center of each of his identities, made only more important to him at a time of acute conversations and systemic change around race and racism in the US. Finally, he helps Travis highlight that there are certain values moving forward in The New Masculine that are non-negotiable- two of them being: Black Lives Matter and Black Trans Lives Matter.
Eli Zucker- Gay Man, Social Worker and Community Organizer, Friend
2020 Jul 061h 6m 49s
On this episode, Travis continues to explore the relationship between masculinity and violence with fellow social worker, Eli Zucker. Eli identities as a gay man, as a social worker and community organizer, and as a friend. He is the Director of Men's Accountability at Seattle Against Slavery and leads groups focused on ending sexual exploitation, repairing harm from gender-based violence, and empowering men to become allies in the fight against sex trafficking. He believes the mission of his work is to talk about more expansive masculinity with men who have actively avoided confronting harmful aspects of their masculinity throughout their life. Eli And Travis explore topics such as performative masculinity, accountability, and what is left behind in the attempt to align with normative masculine ideals. An important aspect of this conversation is the emphasis on not only ceasing behaviors that cause harm but also the importance of actively participating in repair work where harm has been done. Eli wraps up the episode by sharing a powerful call to action for men so make sure to listen to the end.
Dr. Ronald F. Levant- Father and Grandfather, Husband, Psychology Professor
2020 Jun 221h 16m 52s
On this episode, Travis is thrilled to welcome Dr. Ronald F. Levant to the New Masculine. Ronald is Professor Emeritus of Psychology at The University of Akron; Past President of the American Psychological Association (APA) and APA Division 51; and two-term Editor of APA Division 51's quarterly journal, Psychology of Men & Masculinities. He is widely considered one of the key people responsible for creating the new field of the psychology of men and masculinities. He identifies as a father and grandfather, as a husband, and as a psychology professor. Along with his coauthor Shana Pryor, Ronald's new book The Tough Standard: The Hard Truths about Masculinity and Violence explores the question “How do we explain this complicated, fraught – and often misleading – connection between men and violence?” This conversation comes at a pivotal time in our world that demands change in the way that power is held- especially by men. Through Ronald's vast field and research based knowledge, The New Masculine expands beyond the stories of individual men into a collective imperative on how we meet this moment.
Gizmo Pickleball (pt. 2)- Race and Racism
2020 Jun 081h 14m 16s
On this episode, Travis brings back guest Gizmo Pickleball to discuss issues of race and racism in America. While acts of racism are more acutely in our awareness due to the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor, so many more (some more subtle and others just as overt) happen without our awareness every day. Through sharing his own experiences of racism and a system that is stacked against black and brown people, Gizmo helps us see more of the realities people like him face. Together the men explore the concept of integrity and Gizmo points to actions that must be aligned for true integrity to exist. Travis recognized that he missed opportunities to explore this important element of Gizmo's life in their previous episode and sees this continued conversation as an opportunity to learn, step back into the integrity, and become a better ally.
Nathaniel Amos- Son, Lover, Friend
2020 May 251h 17m 45s
On this episode, Travis talks with fellow social worker and mental health provider, Nathaniel Amos. Nathaniel identifies as a son, as a lover, and as a friend. He firmly believes that we as men can no longer rely on the women in our lives to do our emotional labor for us. In his work as a psychotherapist, he helps men develop the emotional literacy that is rarely taught to men in our culture. Nathaniel further helps Travis explore what is often a confusing intersection for gay men between their own masculinity and the common wounds gay men experience at the hands of outdated masculinity. Together, they share the importance of doing internal work to integrate these wounding experiences so that queer male communities do not replicate the challenges of traditional masculinity that this conversation seeks to disrupt.