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Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone, realise your true worth and capabilities and be the girl who decided to go for it? Then this podcast is for you! Hayley, creator of knowledge and empowerment community and platform for women, The Daily Pretty, covers topics relevant to women across career, entrepreneurship, business, health and fitness, nutrition, spirituality, mindfulness and relationships. We get real about how to realise your goals, dreams and aspirations through conversations jam packed with real life experiences and advice that is relatable and actionable from women who are living it and want to share it all with YOU! Get ready to be motivated and inspired to Be The Girl and go for it! If you have big dreams and are ready to rise up in 2020 subscribe where you get your shows favourite shows and follow our official Instagram @bethegirlpodcast for the all latest updates, inspiration and motivation! Powered by @thedailypretty, a community and online platform for women who are showing up, stepping up and realising their true worth and capabilities. Find your host Hayley on Instagram @hayleytdp for a peek behind the scenes of running a blog, podcast, career and a healthy lifestyle while living her mantra - gratitude, good vibes and girl power!


Episode 21: Building a brand, personal growth & stepping into your power with Sammy Leo, CEO of Breeze Balm
2020 Sep 0733m 52s
Welcome back to Be the Girl Podcast! I'm excited to welcome founder and CEO of Breeze Balm, Sammy Leo to the show! Sammy introduced Breeze Balm into the world in 2016, using a secret family formula first developed 70 years ago in Dunedin, New Zealand by her pharmacist grandfather. Sammy gave the balm that already had a cult-like following a makeover with new irresistible scents and fresh packaging (which is now sustainable) and the move from pot to tube achieved astonishing sales results.  We chat about important lessons and personal growth so far this year, a day in the life right now, the most rewarding thing being a woman in business, some advice for our aspiring girl bosses and career driven women plus a whole lot more!
Episode 20: Creating a beauty brand that transforms your morning routine with Michelle Hu, founder of Étoile Collective
2020 Aug 1829m 34s
Welcome back to Be the Girl Podcast, my guest today is Michelle Hu, founder of Étoile Collective. Michelle launched this chic, contemporary and much needed business concept in 2016. With a background in commerce, Étoile Collective (meaning star in French) was a marriage of Michelle’s two greatest loves, business and beauty. Étoile Collective makes every beauty-lovers dream set-up an attainable reality. With a wide selection of luxurious vanity mirrors, chic furniture staples, acrylic make-up organisers and large and small make-up bags, you too can level up your beauty game by having impeccable lighting and an organised space. I spoke with Michelle all about creating the business while working full time in banking, we dive into the inspiration behind the brand, Michelle's key move to full time in the business and how this was essential to growth, plus goals for the rest of 2020 while having to change plans and course with the current operating environment. This episode has something for everyone - whether you are a side hustler, woman in business, beauty lover or are after some motivation and inspiration!  Étoile Collective is truly a solution-based business that offers style and comfort to every beauty lover. Getting ready has never looked or felt so good! Let's get into it...
Episode 19: How to uncomplicate nutrition and movement with Libby Babet
2020 Jul 221h 5m 38s
Welcome back to Be the Girl Podcast! My guest today is former Biggest Loser Trainer and Chief Co-Founder, Libby Babet.
Episode 18: how to unlock your brands unique story (personal or business) & bring it to life through design with Rachelle Saevil founder of Saevil Row
2020 May 1138m 9s
My guest for Episode 18 is Rachelle Saevil, founder of Saevil Row creative branding studio based in Sydney. In a time when it is more important than ever to connect with your dream customers and audience we dive into looking at your brand - personal or...
Episode 17: Changing careers & reigniting your passion & purpose with Liv Chapman, Co-founder of Inner Glow Cirle
2020 Apr 1046m 27s
This episode is with Liv Chapman, Co-founder of Inner Glow Circle the #1 training company for coaches & entrepreneurs. We dive deep in Liv's career change and move to business owner, how Inner Glow Circle is inspiring & motivating women all over...
Minisode: Protecting your energy & staying grounded in challenging circumstances
2020 Mar 2216m 48s
Hello lovely people and welcome back to Be The Girl Podcast.This is an completely unplanned solo episode, but with everything happening in the world at the moment and after a few stressful weeks, I know personally last week was particularly heavy…I felt...
Episode 15 Law of Attraction, Manifesting & Self Love with coach Dani Watson
2020 Mar 1549m 26s
Welcome back to Be the Girl Podcast! There has been a short break between episodes as over on The Daily Pretty we have just launched our first product range! I was so excited to see this come to life after a lot of planning and hard work.  When I...
Episode 14 How your career and side hustle can work in synergy together!
2020 Feb 0344m 12s
This episode is a replay of my chat with Marija from The Raw Pod.  We dive deep into my experience of starting a side hustle and building it from the ground up, how this has benefited and worked in with my career so they are in synergy with each other,...
Episode 13 Dream, Plan, Do - kick-start 2020 with reflection, clarity, focus & realistic goal setting
2020 Jan 0529m 29s
Kick-starting 2020 with reflection, clarity and realistic goal setting!
Episode 12 with Business Coach, Clare Wood
2019 Dec 2243m 36s
Welcome back to Episode 12 of Be the Girl Podcast!  Today my amazing guest is Business Coach, Clare Wood. We talk all about how Clare went from Accountant to Commercial Manager to Business Coach and Business Owner, take a deep dive into managing...