When Dating Goes Too Far
  • Jeremy and Britney
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Join Jeremy and Britney as they talk about the world of love, dating, relationships and marriage and provide advice, tips and joke around about how they stay married. Leave us a voice message here: 👇 https://anchor.fm/jandb/message


#Longlivethekings 👑👑🎉
2020 Aug 161h 37s
Hey! In this episode Brit and I talk about our 16 year relationship status as friends, dating and marriage partners (1:20), what celebrating during Covid was like for us (21:00), what we appreciate about one another (27:00), how I started pulling my hair out (literally) since Rona made came into our lives and other quirks we developed over the years (32:00), and why she wants 5 kids to my 3 kids (46:00) Enjoy!
“Bad Marriage For Life” 🤪😐
2020 Jul 1652m 15s
Brit and I give our thoughts on our longtime friends Will and Jada’s recent Red Table Talk.
This is all About Relationships 👩👮‍♀️🤢
2020 Jul 101h 10m 54s
Whaddup! We just got back from vacation so we spend the first part talking about that (1:19), we do more Covid talk (18:00) Britney talks about Floyd from a moms perspective (30:00) then we talk about how racism, injustice, Covid and literally everything that’s happening having to do with relationships from a large scale to a small scale (49:30) then I talk about how support doesn’t have to be impressive to be significant (54:00). Enjoy!
Quarancouples🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏽‍♀️ /🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♂️ - feat Brent and Crissi Rice
2020 Mar 291h 14m 23s
Hey in this episode, with everything going on with da Rona, we decided to try Anchor’s new quarantined feature so we called in with our friends Brent and Crissi Rice but there were A LOT of tech issues so be forewarned! Brent and Crissi were on separate devices and Brit and I had to share one device. But it was definitely a good episode nonetheless! We discussed da Rona and how it was affecting them (2:50) how they first met (8:24) the myths they had about marriage (21:55) their enneagram numbers (41:20) the Crissi Curly hair brand (48:27) and stigmas that revolve around creatives and how they balance their creative lives with their work lives (54:00). Press play!
“Do you have an Apocalyptic Ride or Die?” 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♀️
2020 Mar 2652m 27s
In this episode we do more corona talk and discuss why you may be with who you’re with for a reason during this time and to consider that and how moments of crisis can show your partners true colors.
In Sickness and In Health 🤒😫
2020 Mar 1846m 30s
Yep, we recorded 2 episodes in one day....in this one we talk about Brits surgery, how I could never be a single dad and what “in sickness and in health” really means.
“I Thought Corona Was a Drink...” 🍺🧐💀
2020 Mar 1847m 18s
Yeah, nah....we didn’t quit.
“Play Through My Grief” 😟
2020 Jan 261h 12m 44s
Hey guys this episode we talk about the journey Britney has had dealing with the loss of her father 10 yrs ago, how she deals with funerals now, how to support your grieving spouse, how grief changes over time and what she learned about the 5 stages of grief. Press play!
Last Name Basis and Expectations 🤔
2020 Jan 111h 5m 24s
Hey! In this episode, Brit talks about the process of changing her name and what she learned as a result of it (2:20), how we had to “earn” the right to be called “mom” and “dad” with our foster kids, (19:00) Brit realizing that she couldn’t do “stay at home” mom duties like her mom and how she is carving out her own path as a mom (30:00) , how petty things can get on your nerves about your partner why it’s best to just let go of it (51:00) and finally the difference in our cleaning styles (55:00) Enjoy!
Living Single 💃🏽
2019 Dec 1048m 33s
In this episode we talk to our good friend Jennifer (she was featured on the Cubicle Rebellion podcast recording the same day) in a special doubleheader (FYI i had to get creative with 2 mics and 3 people so you’ll hear me in the left ear). Anyway, we discuss how she stays flexible in relationships (3:55) using exercise on a date as a way to get to know someone (9:00) how every woman has a list and what is on hers (12:10) how she meets men (18:44) dating apps (20:20) how she wants to “fail fast” in relationships as a way of not wasting time, (22:50) treating yourself like a business when your single (31:20) and balancing selfishness and selflessness when in and out of dating relationships (36:30). We had to rush through this episode before the kids woke up but we had fun on this one! Enjoy!