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In depth interviews with your favorite characters from the sneaker universe and beyond tackling the most relevant happenings in sports, music, pop culture, business, current events and of course...sneakers.


The Game is The Game with Sockjig
2020 Sep 0452m 45s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with Sockjig which begins with short origin and some background info on what a sock jig actually is. The conversation turns to the viral clip of Sean Wotherspoon on this show talking about how he loves Nike and hates adidas. They talk about how that clip will play now that Sean is working with adidas. Drew tells a story about that SW and the marketing campaign for Superearth. The move on to bots, cook groups and reselling. Of course, there is pizza talk towards the end.
Quarantined with Kids & The Sneakers App with DJ Matt Bain
2020 Aug 2651m 16s
DJ Matt Bain joins Don Drew 1 on 1 to discuss being locked in the house with kids during the Covid shutdown. They share stories and experiences and discuss challenges that many parents face in this unprecedented time. The conversation transitions to the Sneakers app where Matt gives Drew the rundown and unpacks the ins and outs of this social networking app for sneakerheads.
PGA Tour 2K21 with Shaun West
2020 Aug 1131m 25s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with Senior Producer for PGA Tour 2K21, Shaun West. Shaun talks about how he went from working construction to doing quality assurance for HB Studios and worked his way up to Senior Producer. They get into the details of the game and what went into bringing it to life. They talk about some of the pros and courses chosen, the MyPlayer feature and course design. Shaun goes into what he wants the game franchise to become and looks ahead to the future.
The Hater Misses Nothing with Corgishoe
2020 Aug 031h 3m 54s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with the legendary Corgi Shoe. They start out with a quick run through the current state of the sneaker game and look at where resell is with platforms like Stock X. Corgi talks about his time at Supreme and what sneaker content he likes and doesn't like. He gets into his current passion working with LA's homeless population and gives some eye opening information about this huge problem. There are some in depth thoughts on social media and the impact it has on society as well. Drew & Corgi cover a lot of topics in the wide ranging interview.
Crack it Open with Matt Lucia & Kyle Powers (aka Guru)
2020 Jul 161h 13m 28s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 (well really 2 on 1) with Matt & Guru from the Crack it Open podcast. Drew opens the pod with Boston venom immediately and then the guys get into an interesting discussion on the explosion of the sports card trend. They discuss the infusion of sneaker resellers and players into the hobby and how similar tactics used to buy limited shoes are in play with sports cards. There is some MLB and NBA conversation and predictions as sports begins to start back up after a COVID induced hiatus and then Drew slaughters Boston as an overrated food city.
Urban Necessities with Jaysse Lopez (TwoJsKicks)
2020 Jul 031h 18m 36s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with co-owner of the well known consignment boutique, Urban Necessities, Jay Lopez, better known as Two Jays Kicks. The episode starts with talk about UN and what the brand stands for. Drew and Jay talk about the key master machines and get into the legitimacy of early pairs. Jay talks about his come up from being homeless to his partnership with the multi-billion dollar retailer, American Eagle. He talks about selling pairs for well known people like Mayor and Jimbo Slice. He talks about some of the tech improvements that he's trying to make at UN and what's next for the brand.
The Mainstream Sneaker Guy with Jacques Slade aka Kustoo
2020 Jun 251h 14m 6s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with Jacques Slade AKA Kustoo. The episode starts with Drew & Jacques talking about the current state of the country with COVID and all of the protests & inequality issues. They talk about You Tube and Jacque's climb to the top of the platform and debate how much luck is involved in that level of success. Jacques talks about being a rapper and trying to make it as an entertainer in music and films before turning to you tube. Kustoo discusses his role as a person with influence and how he will use that to impact society and they debate whether or not big companies and brands will sustain their current level of enthusiasm towards improving equality. There is some golf talk as the episode winds down with Kustoo talking about some of the celebrities he has worked with like Tiger Woods, Karl Anthony Towns, KD and Kobe Bryant.
NBA Coming Back! with Julien Rodriguez
2020 Jun 121h 1m 53s
On this episode of the 1 on 1 podcast, Don Drew is joined by Julien Rodriguez (@juicemanji on twitter & IG) to discuss the NBA restart and format. A lot of NBA talk and banter, Juice gives some predictions and takes and they run through the 22 teams and their chances. Towards the end there is some MLB banter and talk about how the Houston Astros skated without really facing the music.
Not Just One of the Guys with Kimberley Martin
2020 Jun 021h 5m 35s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with ESPN NFL reporter, Kimberley A Martin. The episode was taped last week before the tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer. This incident has captivated the nation so Kimberley hopped back on to quickly discuss the impact that it's had over the last week on athletes and people throughout society. In the originally taped interview, Kimberley talks about playing basketball growing up, being an "enforcer" like Charles Oakley and her rise to ESPN as a journalist and obstacles she's faced covering sports as a woman. She talks about the potential effects of COVID-19 on journalists and sports reporters and what sports could look like in a post COVID world. The conversation turns to the "Rooney Rule" and why there aren't more minority head coaches and front office execs in the NFL. There's some sneaker and style talk towards the end before they wrap up.
State of StockX with Josh Luber
2020 May 2655m 47s
Don Drew goes 1 on 1 with Stock X Co-Founder Josh Luber. The conversation starts with Josh discussing his role with the organization and company infrastructure. He talks about dealing with significant challenges over the last few months and some of the key initiatives going forward including the IPO program, trading cards & global expansion. Josh discusses the business in the current & post COVID climate and how his team has had to deal with the pandemic.