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A practical witchcraft podcast hosted by Bree NicGarran, author of Grovedaughter Witchery. Every month, join Bree for a discussion of secular witchcraft, with plenty of tips for witching on a budget, finding good resources, furthering your magical education, and keeping your common sense superpowers strong. We’ll also delve into the history of witches and witchcraft, and witches in folklore and literature, and how those ideas influence what it means to be a witch in the modern day.


Ep 007 - Come In For A Spell pt 2
2020 Sep 2244m 17s
Hope you've got your pencils ready! In Part Two, we'll cover methods and materials, incantations, preparation, the actual casting of the spell, and documenting your work for future reference. If you happen to use this method to write and cast a spell of your own, feel free to let me know how it went!
Witch Ways, Ep 04 - Sickroom Salt
2020 Sep 132m 57s
On this month's Witch Ways, it's another dose of medicinal magic with my recipe for Sickroom Salt. If you've got healing magic to do, this easy-to-make recipe from Pestlework can help to enhance your enchantment!
Ep 006 - Come In For A Spell, pt 1
2020 Sep 0139m 38s
With back-to-school season upon us, I'm putting on my professor robes and bringing you a two-part episode on How To Write Your Own Spells! Have your pencils ready, you're going to want to take notes. Part One focuses on setting your intent, deciding how you want it to manifest, what or whom the spell will affect, the longevity of the effect, and timing your spells to an advantageous day or lunar phase for best results. And that's just the first half of the lesson!
Witch Ways 03 - The Water of Life
2020 Aug 157m 42s
On this month's Witch Ways, it's time for a little TLC with The Water of Life. Even though magic is no substitute for medical care, it's always nice to have a good strong healing spell in your arsenal...just in case!
Wordpress Shop Now Open!
2020 Aug 0334s
Visit my Wordpress shop for books and witchy goodies!
Ep 005 - They Blinded Me With SCIENCE...Denial
2020 Aug 0155m 31s
Trae Dorn of BS-Free Witchcraft joins Bree in the virtual studio to discuss science denial in the witchcraft community. And why believing in magic doesn't excuse magical thinking, especially when it comes to healthcare. Shhh, our common sense is tingling! Check out our sibling show BS-Free Witchcraft, also on the Nerd and Tie Podcast Network!
Witch Ways, Ep 02 - Seven-Year Bath
2020 Jul 154m 21s
On this month's Witch Ways, we visit the realm of fairytale-inspired magic with "Seven-Year Bath" from The Sisters Grimmoire. Every witch needs a good cleansing spell in their arsenal and this one is a personal favorite. And who doesn't love a cleansing spell that also involves a nice hot bath!
BONUS - The Singing Bone
2020 Jul 0612m 12s
In light of current events, I've decided to offer my original spell, The Singing Bone, as a special bonus episode. The text version of the spell is available on my Wordpress for anyone who might need it. Based on a Brothers Grimm story of the same name, The Singing Bone is a targeted call for justice which I hope will come in handy for witches seeking to use their craft to help in the current crisis.
Ep 004 - Advice for Beginner Witches
2020 Jul 0144m 49s
Get out those pencils! This month, we're delving into a boatload of advice for beginner witches. From avoiding common pitfalls to flexing your research muscles to discovering your specialty, and a lesson on magical fire safety too. There's...a lot. I may have gone overboard. This is the Stuff I Wish Someone Had Told Me Ages Ago episode you won't want to miss!
Witch Ways, Ep 01 - Bree's Banishing Powder
2020 Jun 152m 36s
Our first interim episode! Witch Ways will be little monthly minisodes between the full-length episodes of Hex Positive, just to give you a little something to tide you over. This month, it's the recipe and usage tips for my famous Banishing Powder. It's easy and inexpensive to make, it smells wonderful (just don't sniff too hard), and it WORKS. I've sworn by this powder for years. Give it try...maybe you will too!