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two brothers offering a brighter perspective on all of lifes darker thoughts or topics. Gaming, Tech, News, Motivation.


Ep. 48 - Terrance Mckenna, David Blaine, GAMESTOP CLOSING FOR GOOD
2020 Sep 2334m 11s
In this episode we talk about Terrance Mckenna while watching one of his interviews with the live audience. Also. David Blaine goes full UP. (You never go full up)  as he ascends into the sky on balloons. also will digital gaming be the end of gamestop. or does gamestop have answers up their sleeve? Gamestop Console? who knowsif you would like to be a part of the live audience on twitch folllow our channel at twitch @twitch.tv/neon_popsicle
Ep. 47 - Holidays in 2020 - is Covid the Grinch?
2020 Sep 1748m
Okay but did preident trump really pardon the hamburgler?
Ep. 46 - Midnight Melt LIVE w/ Erik Withakay - Inside scoop on the Gaming Industry
2020 Sep 121h 23m 48s
This episode features our special guest Erik. He works as a freelance QA tester in the Video Game industry and has worked on some pretty prestigious titles such as: God of War for PS4, The Amazing Spiderman, and the MLB 2020 Games and much more....The gaming industry has always had a shroud of mystery around it, so much in fact we cant even tag him! Plus much more interesting facts about how someone in the industry looks at games, and what he sees coming....
Ep. 45 - Midnight Melt - Disney conspiracies, Halo, Hey arnold.
2020 Sep 0831m 21s
on this episode we watch some videos with our live audience about some disney sexual conspiracies and why some questionable footage was put into the movies. we also talk about our most recent run on Halo playing legendary with ALL SKULLS ON. god help us. be sure to follow on the twitch also if you want to join our live episodes and catch all the fun that gets edited out.
Ep.44 Midnight Melt - remakes, disneyland, modern celebrity
2020 Aug 2840m 58s
video games and tv shows need to understand that its 2020 now and people arent looking for the 10th installlment of halo... give us some new games.
Ep. 43 -Midnight Melt - ...When You Grow up?
2020 Aug 2235m 10s
in this episode we talk about how culture is changing into the future. what d you want to do when you grow up should be changed to something like "what do you enjoy doing".   we also take a look st some really bad pokemon tattoos as mr.dabusiness goes on his journey to get his first one.
Ep. 42 - Morning Melt - Take Responsibility For Your Decisions
2020 Aug 1523m 14s
This is the 2nd episode in a 5 part series where we talk about the 5 core values that have helpped steven.p in decision making with life...We hope this episode will help you to understand the power of taking responsibility into your own hands...even if its not your fault!
Ep. 41 - Midnight Melt - Cosmic Threat? Joe Dirt vs Spirited Away
2020 Aug 0236m 21s
in this episode we talk about the likelyhood of a cosmic threat (comet) hitting earth. space dandy x johnny bravo, and we pit movies against eachother. deciding if Joe Dirt is in fact on the same level as Spirited Away. quality wise
Ep. 40 - Mindmelt - Cryptids
2020 Jul 291h 1m 52s
It is on in the neon in this season finale we with our first official guest on the show dammit mane. or  @dammit.i.am on instagram. we start talking about the world of Bioshocks underwater city Rapture and some of the motifs of gaming that came from those games.  then we dive into cryptids and normally im thinking bigfoot but the new modern age is bringing some new interesting ones into the world.
Ep. 39 - Morning Melt - Stand for What You Believe In
2020 Jul 2615m 50s
Do you know what you stand for?....In this morning melt, we cover why its important to have a set of Core Values and beliefs and how important it is in order to make the best decisions for YOURSELF.....