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Welcome to The Geeky Gentleman, the podcast where stylish geeks & pop culture enthusiasts can listen to everything that is happening within this geeky world of ours such as Marvel & DC film / TV updates, pop culture, video games, comic books, etc. & be inspired to achieve your own level of gentleman status with my personal tips on men's fashion & grooming!


Black Panther Recast & 7 Tips To Increase Self-Confidence
2020 Sep 1614m 17s
With the devastating news of Chadwick Boseman's death, the world and the MCU has been left in a saddening state. As the world continues to honor Boseman's memory, fans are wondering what move Marvel will make in regards to continuing the character of...
Cursed Review & The Top 5 Fashionable Face Masks
2020 Aug 0512m 59s
Netflix has finally decided to pull the sword out of the stone with one of the newest twists on the popular Arthurian legend with their series Cursed. Based on the novel by Frank Miller, and starring Thirteen Reasons Why actress Katerine Langford, this...
Who Are The New Mutants & 6 LGBTQ+ Pride Inspired Products
2020 Jun 1813m 15s
The New Mutants have received a new release date for August 2020 but will it be released in cinemas or on Disney+? More importantly, who are The New Mutants? That's today's topic on The Geeky Gentleman!In the gentleman's portion of the podcast, I'm...
Final Fantasy 7 Remake Review & 5 Must-Have Vegan Grooming Products
2020 Apr 2110m 12s
After more than two decades, Final Fantasy 7 Remake has finally arrived! But does it live up to its potential?! Is it better than the original Final Fantasy 7?! Jump into the podcast to hear my spoiler-free review on one of the most anticipated games -...
Top 10 TV Shows To Binge-Watch & 4 Fitness Trainers To Follow For Home Workouts
2020 Mar 2920m 23s
Need a new TV show to watch now that you're stuck home in self-isolation? Well, you're in luck! In today's episode, I'm listing my top 10 TV shows to binge-watch that'll have you stuck to your couch in excitement.In the gentleman's portion of the...
Who Is Taskmaster & Bringing Tweed Suits Into Spring
2020 Mar 1711m 11s
In today's episode of The Geeky Gentleman, I'm diving into the comic book lore of Taskmaster. Taskmaster is the new big bad in the upcoming MCU film Black Widow.In the gentleman's portion of the podcast, I’m helping you men bring those thick tweed suits...
WandaVision Theories & 5 Things Every Man Should Do Before Bed
2020 Mar 0211m 57s
WandaVision, which revolves around the Scarlet Witch and Vision, is the most anticipated Disney+ show. The show promises to shake up the MCU going forward so I'm spinning theories on what exactly is happening in WandaVision! Is Wanda altering reality?...
Marvel's Disney+ Teaser Breakdown & 4 Stylish Types Of Winter Coats
2020 Feb 148m 9s
We just witnessed the first teaser for the upcoming Disney+ shows Falcon & the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Loki and it was epic! Jump into the podcast to get the entire breakdown and newest reveals in the latest promo.In the gentleman's portion...
The New Mutants In The MCU & 6 Steps To Starting A Podcast
2020 Jan 1915m 34s
New Mutants In The MCU & 6 Steps To Starting A Podcast
Power Rangers Rebooted Again & The Top 5 Subscription Boxes For Men
2019 Dec 306m 11s
Power Rangers Rebooted Again & The Top 5 Subscription Boxes For Men