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A discussion about music.


EP 10: Movie Soundtracks - Top 5 - Greta Van Fleet, Death Cab for Cutie
2019 Sep 1347m 2s
Jay and Devin discuss their favorite movie soundtracks. Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 9: The Supremes - Top 5 - Tina Turner, They Might Be Giants
2019 Sep 1050m 22s
Jay and Devin talk about Motown. Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 8: Country Music - Top 5 Garth Brooks - Dr. John, Susan Tadeshi
2019 Sep 0552m 34s
Jay and Devin talk about country music! Twitter: @BeatMeasure*better edited version
EP 7: Queen - Top 5 - Pentatonix, Billie Holiday
2019 Aug 2745m 13s
Jay and Devin talk about one of their favorite bands of all time. Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 6: One Hit Wonders! - Top 5 - "Yesterday" by The Beatles, "Barcelona" by Freddie Mercury
2019 Aug 2452m 48s
Jay and Devin talk about their favorite one hit wonders! Also, they discuss the best covers of the song Yesterday and Barcelona by Freddie Mercury. Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 5: Taylor Swift - Top 5 - The Cranberries, 12Tone
2019 Aug 2151m 42s
Jay and Devin have differing opinions about Taylor Swift.Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 4: Are Genres Good for Music? - Top 5 Duets - Watsky, Jack Johnson
2019 Aug 1656m 10s
Jay and Devin talk about if music genres help more than they hurt. Also they rank their favorite duets of all time! Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP: 3 Ed Sheeran - Top 5 - Bill Wirtz, James Blunt
2019 Aug 1350m 50s
Jay and Devin gush about Ed Sheeran!Twitter: @BeatMeasure
EP 2: The Dilution of Rock Music - Top 5 Van Halen - Stevie Nicks, Smooth McGroove
2019 Aug 0847m 16s
Jay and Devin talk about why rock music isn't what it used to be. Also the rank their favorite Van Halen songs, with some discussion about Stevie Nicks and Smooth McGroove.Episodes every Monday and Thursday.
EP 1: Singers who can't sing! - Top 5 Elton John - Dethklok, Sam Cooke
2019 Aug 0548m 55s
Jay and Devin discuss which singers don't rely on their vocal talents to create good music. Also the talk about their personal top 5 Elton John songs, with some discussion on Dethklok and Sam Cooke.