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When you hear ANREY for the first time, you get the sudden perception of his musical intuition and authenticity as an artist. Having taken inspiration from the early 1970 Disco era, Chicago House-anthems, 90's & 2000’s Hip-Hop and everything in between, ANREY indulged his passion for music from a young age. The Bucharest-born DJ finds his creative home base in Stuttgart, Germany - which has always been a fertile breeding ground for artists. While studying sport-, event- and mediamanagement in Munich, he became a known face behind the decks of the most famous German nightclubs. Since then ANREY has been busy making waves within the international music-scene for the past four years. Meanwhile he leaves his marks in pulsating metropolises such as Paris, Marrakech, Doha, Vienna and Berlin. His multiple residencies around the globe speak to ANREY’s ability to resonate with any crow

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