• Christian Ellis
6 episodes
Are you ready for a deep dive into pop culture history? From the creators of The House of Gozer comes SPOTLIGHT. Which each episode SPOTLIGHT will explore the history and meaning behind some of the greatest movies, TV shows, comics, and toy lines of all time. This bi-weekly podcast will inform, provoke and inspire in a search for the greater meaning behind the art.


Toy Legends: The Transformers.
2020 May 051h 20m 42s
Every generation has milestones and if you were a kid in the eighties you definitely had your choice of major ones. This week on spotlight we are taking a deep dive into a toyline that is still leaving it mark 36 years later. From the factories of Japan to the homes of kids across America, with a little help from Marvel Comics, The Transformers would change the way we looked at robots forever and leave an impact on pop culture for generations to come.
Clerks: Defining Gen Geek.
2020 Apr 0643m 11s
Easy Rider. The Breakfast Club. Star Wars These are all films that defined generations. Today we look at the movie that defined Geek Pop Culture. A movie that not only spoke to us but told us it was ok to be you and the director that made it all possible. No matter if it was your day to be there or not. Were deep-diving on Kevin Smith and Clerks, This week on Spotlight.
Color Out of Space Spoiler Special
2020 Jan 2733m 19s
Join Brian, Chris, Christian, and Matt as they break down the H.P. Lovecraft adaptation that Hollywood said could never be made. Richard Stanley's Color Out Of Space.
Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Spoiler Special
2019 Dec 231h 58m 32s
Join the panel as they breakdown the last film in the Skywalker saga and the history behind it both in front and behind the camera in this fun-filled, spoiler-filled review. Spoilers Ahead on this episode of Spotlight.
The Shining: Miss or Masterpiece.
2019 Oct 021h 49m 53s
In a time when fandom demands faithful adaptions can a director's vision still remain King? On this episode of Spotlight Christian, Chris, Matt, and special guest Squiz are going to look back on Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining with fresh eyes and explore the making of this film, the people behind it, how it differs from the book, and try to answer the age-old question, What makes a good adaption?
Avengers: Endgame Spoiler Special
2019 May 011h 24m 20s
Join us for this Spotlight spoiler special episode and help us close out the ten-year journey of Avengers: Endgame. The Good and bad and the blinders. Spoilers Ahead kids.