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Drama, humor, comedy, young teens enjoying life and involving the community in the everyday life


Wild thoughts: favorite childhood memories
2020 May 0134m 22s
Lil Brian tells us about his favorite elementary moment. Jay some how eats a magical brownie. Julio tells us how he fell in love.
Wild thoughts: what did you learn from your first heartbreak
2020 Mar 1936m 14s
We have trex join us today as We talk about what would we do if we won the lottery. Also about what we learned from our first heartbreak and how trust is important in a relationship
Wild thoughts: 2019 RECAP AND LIFE ADVICE!
2020 Jan 1031m 3s
This episode jay and I talk about what we’re our best memories in 2019. We talked about the parties we threw in 2019. Jay has a surprise coming this month. How we gonna get an upcoming rapper in the podcast and we explain a few life lesson in this episode!
Wild Thoughts: How to Forget and Move on from an ex!
2019 Dec 3021m 4s
We talk to lil Brian about how to move on from an ex and jay tells us his story about how he couldn’t listen to a song and I tell y’all about how much I used to hate bachata.
Wild thoughts: time travel, first date
2019 Nov 0134m 27s
Today we have William and he tells us about what he looks for in a girl and he explains to us how he imagines his first date!
Wild Thoughts: relationship topic 101
2019 Oct 3042m 18s
Anthony & Jocelyn talk about relationship advise & their past experiences. We also talked about cheating and if we been loved and have fallen in love.
Faded thoughts
2019 Sep 0354m 45s
We have Jocelyn and destiny founder of platinum boutique telling us about there perfect date
Wild thoughts: what does love mean
2019 Aug 1341m 33s
Today we talked about a whole mix of topics starting from if your ex talks to your friends to put first love to what does love mean and the question everyone has been asking me for “why are you single”.
Wild thoughts: Q&A
2019 Aug 1358m 17s
We answered all the questions y’all sent us and it get pretty interesting