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7 episodes
Sharing over 30 years of experience of FAO in applying Communication for Development methods and tools in agriculture and rural development


Episode 6 - Did participatory video effectively created participation?
2011 Aug 0254s
Fulvio Cenci tells us how participatory video effectively created participation in Sierra Leone
Episode 5 - What are the trends today in ComDev
2011 Jul 281m 29s
Riccardo Del Castello, Communication for Development Officer, tells us what are the trends Commmunication for Development today
Episode 3 - The long story of ComDev at FAO
2011 Jul 281m 36s
Riccardo del Castello, FAO ComDev Officer, tells us the long story of ComDev at FAO
Episode 2 - What is communication for development?
2011 Jul 2239s
Mario Acunzo, FAO Communication for development officer, tells us what's ComDev.
Episode 1 - What is the FAO Communication for Development Expert Consultation
2011 Jul 211m 26s
Mario Acunzo, FAO Communication for Development officer, tells us what is the communication for development expert consultation 2011.