Introducing environment - for iPod/iPhone

Have you ever thought about how far the contents of your supermarket basket have travelled to get to you, how this impacts on our planet’s systems? It's no secret that climate change is caused by our over-dependence on fossil what can we do about it? This is an album with a difference; YOU get the chance to find out how YOUR personal shopping choices are affecting the climate. How addicted to fossil fuels are you? Using the interactive video feature, start off on track 2 and follow the easy instructions at the end of each of the next 12 tracks. You may be surprised! Video tracks 14-17 visit an eco-house with a compostable toilet and a green community in Hockerton. Audio tracks 18-20 explore the microscopic activity inside a compost heap, debate the role of blood sports for pest control, and give tips on how to write about science. This material is from The Open Universi

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