Growth-Driven Dad

Growth-Driven Dad is a podcast designed to empower men to grow and improve as fathers and humans. We celebrate who we are and believe we’re good enough but also accept the challenge of personal growth as a way of enhancing our impact on those we love and care for.We are Growth-Driven Dads. Each show will delve into some or all of the following topics:*A big story important to all of us seeking growth as fathers*A big idea to get your mind moving in a growth-driven direction*Thoughts, lessons-learned, and other witty remarks with a Growth-Driven tilt on: Parenting, Relationships, Fitness & Diet, and Finance*A deep dive into goal-setting & productivity [hey, we’re all trying to grow here, right?]*A hilarious dad joke because dad jokes are hilarious*Product(s) I love and think you’ll like, too*Recommendations to good reads I think fellow Growth-Driven Dads will get value from*A call-

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