Walk After Falling Podcast
  • Julian R. Garcia & Kathryn Coughlin
31 episodes
Where in your life have you fallen short? What is your damaging thought? What is your true north? Julian and Kathryn hold space for others to share their stories and have conversations around these questions in relation to faith, mental health, relationships, grief and much more. They understand that it's not about getting from 0-100. It's about walking through everything between. Join them each week as they walk alongside of those who display true and beautiful vulnerability. Because everyones story matters. Let's Walk Now!


Reaching the End of Yourself
2020 Sep 211h 4m 41s
In episode 27, Rocio Vallejo shares from such a vulnerable place on what it means to fully let God in. Rocio walks us through her intimate relationship with Jesus at such a young age, and how she grew distant from Him as feelings of abandonment rose up...
When Waiting is Perfect Timing
2020 Sep 1440m 35s
In episode 26, Vanderbilt swim and dive alumna Bre Horne joins “BK” and Julian to share on her season of waiting. Bre walks us through the challenges of being waitlisted at graduate schools and the self-doubt and damaging thoughts that came along with...
Accountability > Abuse
2020 Sep 0757m 45s
In episode 25, yoga extraordinaire Lily Sahaguian joins Julian and Kathryn to open up about her walk out of an abusive relationship. Lily so openly shares on what the experience of abuse was, because it can so easily be swept under the rug. She tells us...
You Are Not Your Diagnosis
2020 Aug 311h 9m 13s
Hey Walkers!Today we have a talented and fired up Brooke Simkins joining the podcast. She is an Events Director for Trinity Christian College and an Improv Actor. She also leads the Illinois group for Mom in the Making group, which is a non-profit...
Out of Love or Fear?
2020 Aug 2718m 44s
Hey Walkers!Were back with a mid week BONUS episode! Julian and Kathryn are in the studio aka Kathryn's living room. They talk about making room for other gifts. Julian challenges himself, Kathryn and everyone else to stop and look at what they are...
In The Thick Of It
2020 Aug 2458m 40s
In Episode 23, a lifelong friend of Julian's joins us on the podcast, Arnold Horton Jr. You never know where Arnold might show up these days, he may even show up to a city near you. We were able to track him down for this one of a kind episode about...
Going the Distance
2020 Aug 171h 1m 13s
In Episode 22, college sweethearts and real-life power couple Bryana and DJ join the podcast to share on their first year of marriage.Bry and DJ are vulnerable about what it is like navigating life as a Black couple and how deeply they cherish each...
Navigating Female Friendships
2020 Aug 111h 3m 15s
In Episode 21, Noel Huddleston joins us to share her walk with navigating female friendships.Noel bring some serious Enneagram 7 energy with her fun-loving, joyful spirit. Think of your favorite female lead in your favorite movie, and that does not even...
Beating Rejection
2020 Aug 031h 9m 46s
In Episode 20, Chicago based Actor and Writer Dylan Cruz, joins us in studio as our first in person guest! Dylan brings the studio some life after a crazy time in quarantine. Dylan shares his story about contracting COVID-19 and how he recovered from...
When Your Pain Is My Pain
2020 Jul 271h 10m 47s
In Episode 19, Jamie Kohler shares an honest, raw story about the real struggles of addiction.Jamie talks about growing up in faith and how she took her relationship with God further and deeper as started living on her own. She speaks on how her church,...