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Hamilton on Disney+, Chrissy Teigen, & More!
2020 Jul 073m 11s
Two mornings in a row! Today's news features Hamilton's impact on Disney+, Jeanine Pirro creepin' on Chrissy Teigen, the "When You Accidentally Type" TikTok trend, Kelly Ripa's thirst trap of Mark Consuelos, and Tesla shorts!
Kanye for President, Walmart drive-in movies, & more!
2020 Jul 062m 26s
Happy Monday, podcast listeners! Today's news features Walmart drive-in movies, Kanye for President, Taiwan airport tours, Florida State University remote working policies, and a New Zealand Wild West town that could be yours!
Flavortown, Ashley Graham, & More!
2020 Jun 223m 10s
Happy Monday! Today's news features Flavortown, Ashley Graham, #DontLeaveMeChallenge, Gen-Z vs. Millennials, and a hug tunnel.
Bachelor Matt James, SpongeBob, & More!
2020 Jun 152m 34s
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Pixar's Out, Cardi B, & More!
2020 May 262m 28s
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The Umbrella Academy, Lebron James, & More!
2020 May 192m 30s
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Andrew Cuomo, Jay vs. Tyra, & More!
2020 May 182m 25s
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90 Day Fiance's Jorge Nava, Bill Murray, & More!
2020 May 142m 26s
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Skateboarding Prodigy, #PancakeCereal, & More!
2020 May 122m 1s
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Harry & Meghan, Animal Crossing, & More!
2020 May 082m 41s
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