Remarkable Retailer | The Show for Savvy Shopkeepers

This is THE podcast about the "Journey to Remarkable" for Retailers, Entrepreneurs and small business owners who just won't settle for Ordinary! It doesn't matter if you are a brand new entrepreneur, if you have been a business owner for many years, or are just dreaming of opening your own enterprise. It's time to travel the road from Ordinary to Remarkable! The Remarkable Retailer Podcast will focus on taking YOUR business to the next level, and will offer Tips, Tools & Tactics to help you reach your goals and aspirations. We are excited to share the stories of "Remarkable Retailers" and Exceptional Entrepreneurs from across the country. Hosted by "Boots-on-the-Ground" Retailer, Vicki Adrian, who brings 30+ years of experience to her audience. Thank you for joining us!

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