The Aldergate Papers

***UPDATE*** ​ I am excited, exhausted, and frightened to announce that The Aldergate Papers is going to be an audiobook. Which means that it can't be a podcast anymore. ​ ​Further details to come. My infinite thanks to those whose kind support has kept me going thus far - I look forward to sending you all the finished thing once there is a finished thing. Also t-shirts. There are going to be t-shirts. ​ ​Do stay tuned, won't you? --- [AUDIODRAMA] Welcome to Aldergate University, a shadowy world of obsessive geniuses, masked strangers, hidden dangers, public nudity, and conspiracies that stretch across the centuries and around the globe. Aldergate's ancient walls hide many secrets, and Sir Adrian Ward - a fugitive billionaire with a dodgy brain and a troubled past - would like to hide as well. When an old pal's severed legs are found practically on his doorstep, ho

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