Conscious, Connected, Coupling

Join Frederic and Christy as they talk and share their experiences of creating a conscious, connected relationship. They candidly share what they have learned over the last 12 years of being married, their ups and downs, the shifts they made by working with energy. They will discuss the 7 essential laws, getting out of drama in your relationship, the 7 areas that couples need to get clear in their relationships, the way we give and receive love and it is different for each person, we will discuss the roles that all of us have learned and how we function from these roles and it causes stress, strain and it is the cause why most relationships break up. Learn how to turn your partner in to your soul mate, twin flame and kindred spirit, how to overcome the fear of change. We answer the questions of how do we return back to love and connection in our relationship? Why Is The Attraction Betw

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