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This podcast focuses on issues with our current education system and ways we can empower students, educators, and anyone who cares about education. Shouldn’t people be put before profits? Shouldn’t our children be educated to grow and learn instead of being treated like the means to the financial gain of those in power? If you agree with this so called “radical” and “revolutionary” perspective, you’ve come to the right place! Join educators Gord Milstone and John Battalion as they call out systemic problems and discuss how we can break down barriers in the educational system.


42 - Tiger Island by Reagan Sova
2020 Sep 031h 6m 49s
Co-host Adam welcomes author Reagan Sova to discuss his book Tiger Island. Their discussion focuses on the craft of the writing process, the developmental role of children’s participation in sports, and characteristics of anarcho-syndicalist organization.
41 - The Development of Thinking with Dr. Aaro Toomela of Talinn University
2020 Jun 301h 31m 19s
On this episode, co-host Adam chats with Dr. Aaro Toomela of Talinn University. Their discussion focuses on the development of thinking from childhood into adulthood, constraints on behavior, and relevance to the current historical moment. Join us as we discuss the mind-as-such and work toward a truly scientific movement.
40 - A Conversation With No More Exclusions (NME)
2020 Jun 151h 19m 55s
On this episode, Gord is joined by members and affiliates of the UK abolitionist group that focuses on schooling as it pertains to racial justice, and abolishing exclusions (expulsions), along with dismantling the structural injustices that exist in the education system of the UK.
39 - Conversation with Radidcal Education Forum UK
2020 May 271h 13m 59s
On this episode, Gord gets to chat with members and affiliates of the Radical Education Forum. ‘Rad Ed’, as it is referred to, has its beginnings in the 2010 UK election and focuses on creating discourse on the need for radical restructuring of education, working toward a more democratic and community-driven educational model that works against the exploitative demands of capital and raises the consciousness of all individuals who participate in the relational activity of learning.
38 - Organzing post COVID w/ Breandan from Marxism & Moshpits
2020 May 181h 1m 14s
On this episode, John and Gord speak with Breandan from Marxism And Moshpits, who is also an organizer with the Nebraska Left Coalition. We discuss the formation of this org, along with some of the main issues and features non-tendency Left-Wing organizations encounter. This is all in a process for us to look at how mutual aid organizing, as it becomes more and more important, might look for those in the educational community who want to get involved.
37 - Nourishment for our Souls - Edward, Cassie, John, and Gord
2020 May 041h 10m 44s
Join John, Gord, Edward, and Cassie as we discuss educational updates - budget cuts, health care workers being fired, & pick Edward & Cassie's brains about their experience with mutual aid.
36 - Brutally Honest - Capitalism Exploits People with Empathy
2020 Apr 281h 11m 16s
John & Gord are Brutally Honest discussing their thesis - Capitalism Exploits People with Empathy.
35 - Love and Solidarity in a post COVID-19 World
2020 Apr 121h 9m 43s
In this JAM packed episode we share an amazing speech by Matt Christman, John reads the words of his cousin - an ER doctor leading an ICU in NYC, we play for you an amazing clip of Dr. Richard Wolff explaining how Capitalism is to blame for everything we are experiencing right now, and a radio host begins attacking teachers.