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A charming podcast about two friends going down memory lane while they rediscovery the things they loved throughout High School...


Glee - Preggers
2020 Sep 10
Your BFFs are extremely gleeful to bring you an episode about an episode full of Glee! We watched and talk about the show GLEE but focus mostly on the 4th episode of the first season, Preggers, one of Liza's faves! We give some general thoughts on the show as whole too, but mostly the single ep. Then, Liza brings another installment of her state-by-state voting guide!
2020 Aug 27
The BFFs show off their mutant ability to talk about something Andrew loved in high school, the 2000 comic book adaptation X-MEN! Plus, Liza has a special Surprise Prize that we both hope you'll take to heart!
The Twilight Saga (w/ Taylor Hartman)
2020 Aug 13
The BFFs are joined by our friend Taylor Hartman for a discussion about something she loved in high school, the Twilight Saga! We mainly focus on New Moon but Taylor gives her thoughts on the series as a whole! Hear what we all think as well as whether or not Taylor accomplishes her states goals for the pod. Plus, a return of a beloved game in the Surprise Prize!
Lady in the Water
2020 Jul 30
Liza brings us one of her high school faves, the 2006 fantasy movie Lady In The Water! We break down all the stuff that Andrew can't figure out about the movie, all the stuff Liza loved (and still loves, maybe) about the movie and they both try to make sense of it all. Plus, a birthday themed Surprise Prize!
Family Matters
2020 Jul 16
The BFFs go back to Andrew's childhood to once again give him an opportunity to talk about watching TGIF at his grandparents house by talking about one of his TGIF faves, Family Matters. Andrew answers all of Liza's pressing questions about the show! Then, Liza has a sequel driven question in the Surprise Prize!
Top Chef
2020 Jul 02
Liza takes us through her high school love of Top Chef as we talk about the first and last episode of season 1! Plus, a rather DELICIOUS edition of the Surprise Prize!
March Madness THROWnament (unlocked!!!)
2020 Jun 18
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Coming To America
2020 Jun 04
The BFFs are back to talk about one of Liza's faves growing up, Coming To America! Liza is shocked to learn this is Andrew's first viewing of this 1988 Eddie Murphy comedy, hear what they both have to say about it! Plus, Andrew asks Liza about her own coming to america story!
Asterix & The Adventures of Tintin (w/ Jon Jolley & Kalen Knowles)
2020 May 21
Apologies for the audio gaffs in this one. We were all working through internet issues. Your BFFs welcome back Liza's real life brother Jon and Andrew's real life shirt-brother Kalen back to the pod. They let us know about their new positions in the Throwback To School universe and more importantly tell us about their love of the french comics, Asterix & The Adventures of Tintin! Plus, Liza has created a game that Wii all play together.
Groundhog Day
2020 May 07
When everyday feels the same, what better way to cope than listen to your BFFs talk about a movie where everyday is the same! That's right, we watched the 1993 comedy Groundhog Day! Plus, Liza reveals a PREMONITION in a Surprise Prize you'll want to hear again and again!