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This is Reagan and Jolie and you’re listening to our podcast ‘She’s Probably Busy’ where we share our raw and real experiences balancing a healthy social, personal and professional life. Stay Busy!


Episode 10: Catch up with us!
2020 Sep 2254m 44s
Today, Jolie and Reagan catch up with listeners on some things happening in their lives right now. Jolie catches us up on her apartment, Reagan talks about going dairy free and they both discuss some hot topics in the celebrity world. Enjoy!
Episode 9: What does your name mean?
2020 Sep 1551m 18s
Reagan and Jolie discuss the pros and cons of having a unique name. The girls chat about never being able to find a keychain with their names on it, the wild variety of names that have been written on their Starbucks cups, and they read the urban dictionary definition of their names. Tune in every Tuesday for a new episode!
Episode 8: MILB Baseball with Errol Robinson
2020 Sep 0836m 47s
Jolie and Reagan join Jolie’s younger brother Errol for a conversation about what it’s like being in the minor leagues with the Dodgers. We talk about chasing big dreams, keeping mentally and physically well and advice for younger ball players! Stay busy.
Episode 7: BEAUTY TALK with Casey Georgeson, Founder and CEO of Saint Jane Beauty
2020 Sep 0139m 28s
This week Jolie and Reagan sit down with Casey Georgeson, founder of Saint Jane Beauty! Casey shares her career path, how she started her own beauty line, and all of the benefits of adding CBD into your skincare routine! Stay busy!
Episode 6: LA’s Finest Dining!
2020 Aug 2545m 8s
Jolie and Reagan discuss the best spots for a bite to eat, a date, a happy hour or a coffee chat around LA. They talk about all the hottest spots for the finest foods. Also, check out MoreLabs for the best supplements - knock that hangover out with their morning recovery drink! Enjoy.
Episode 5: Welcome to the Disney Channel!
2020 Aug 1853m 54s
Jolie and Reagan talk all about their career at The Walt Disney Company. They share their favorite stories, perks, go-to lunches and more! Enjoy!
Episode 4: Our Healthy Lifestyles
2020 Aug 1151m 48s
Today Jolie and Reagan talk about how they’ve kept mentally and physically in shape over this quarantine period. They share workout tips, mental health practices and some favorite beauty and self care products! Enjoy.
Episode 3: Planning in the time of Quarantine
2020 Aug 0452m 58s
Reagan and Jolie talk about the various problems that comes with plans in a pandemic. Jolie gives updates on her new apartment and future travels while Reagan updates on her new life change and wedding plans. Enjoy!
Episode 2: Living Situations
2020 Jul 2842m 15s
Reagan and Jolie talk all about living situations, roommates, room essentials and more. Stay tuned every Tuesday for a new episode!
Episode 1: Meet Reagan and Jolie!
2020 Jul 2142m 20s
She’s Probably Busy is back and better than ever! Today Reagan and Jolie introduce themselves and talk a bit about what they do. They are so excited to be bringing weekly podcasts that discuss their busy lives! Stay tuned for a new episode every TUESDAY.