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Let’s see, today is May 22, 2019. The second day of Gemini season. Lol. So I woke up this morning and said I am starting me a Podcast. My first career choice as a young adult was Journalism but I never “stuck” with it. So here I am, 41 turning 42 in a little over 30 days and finally I am following my dream. I am going to talk about any and everything! Drop me a topic at this email Maemilmusings@gmail.com. Please share the podcast! Thanks for the love and support!


Random Rambling
2019 Nov 2539m 42s
Mercury retrograde, manifestation, the holidays are coming and Love Jones!
The Art of Authentic “Tantra with Brion and Karen"
2019 Jul 1849m 11s
In this episode I interview  Certified Authentic Tantra Educators and Practitioners Brion and Karen Craig to gain enlightenment on the origin, practice, benefits, and techniques associated with the Tantra Experience.  To connect with Brion and Karen please go to  http://exploretantra.com/  or send an email to connect@exploretantra.com
Chapter 42
2019 Jun 2947m 39s
A reflective ramble.
2019 Jun 1536m 48s
Dr. Sacheen Mobley of Living and Loving Your Best, LLC, joins me to talk about her upcoming book release “4 Faces of Narcissism: The Court of Fools”.
2019 Jun 0858m 26s
Setting, communicating, and respecting boundaries.
Tend to the Wounds
2019 May 3159m 27s
Healing from trauma.
Self-Love—My Definition
2019 May 2543m 41s
Self-Love. I share my definition, practice, and importance of self-love.