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Decoder Ring Theatre
2020 Jan 16
I received a request today for this old interview I did with Greg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre. Took me a minute to find it in the archives… but for your listening enjoyment. These days with the Red Panda arc completed and Black Jack Justice on hiatus(?) Greg had been releasing the audio book versions […]
While you wait
2020 Jan 0546m 48s
I have a collection of 6 novels called “The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper” . This series published started back in 2007 with Quarter Share as a podcast novel on podiobooks. I have reread (well actually I read the book for the first time – I have listened to the book every couple years) […]
Let’s Get Dangerous
2019 Oct 1435m 32s
Intro – Song 1 – Jane Ellen Bryant – Twenties Song 2 – The Big Pink – Hightimes Song 3 – The Hard Proof – The Breakr Song 4 – Doncat – Untrue Song 5 – Stop Light Observations – Aquarius Apocalyptic Song 6 – Death Pants – Lava Death Song Song 7 – Lemon […]
Episode 1a
2017 Aug 1112m 15s
Twenties –Jane Ellen Bryant The Break – Hard Proof Comedy Music Life – Devo Spice
More bloody delays….
2017 Jul 1942m 27s
Ok here is the deal. I am preparing for a pending move, studying for my certification. (CQE if you want to know). Currently tossing about ideas to get this thing kick started again… So in honor of finally meeting up with one of my podcasting buddies (The guy in the picture) I figured that I […]
Okay A slight delay already…
2016 Jul 3137m 59s
In my absence from the show for some 3 years, I have a not 1 but 2 major computer crashes. Since then I have discovered all of the show elements have to be recreated. That being said I still have the archive of some 100+ episodes so here is one from the vault. Enjoy. 16 […]
Testing the Feeds!!! Feed me Seymour
2016 Jul 09
It was the EYE!!!!