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by Grow Your Photography Studio. Weekly podcast about Marketing and Business for Newborn Photographers!


Pricing TRAPS!
2020 Aug 125m 5s
Are you tired of feeling like you are winging it when it comes to pricing? This series is FOR YOU!
Don't make me think!!!!!!!!!!
2020 Aug 068m 40s
PEOPLE DON'T READ! But why...? Reading chapter 2 of Steve Krug's "Don't Make Me Think! Revisited"
HELP! My ads aren’t working!
2020 Aug 058m 55s
Not getting any booking? How to troubleshoot your advertising in 5 easy steps.
The 3 Things Your Business Needs
2020 Aug 058m 22s
Ever felt overwhelmed by marketing? Ever wondered what’s THE BEST platform to build your website? If the answer is yes, this episode is for you.
Beautiful pictures should sell themselves.... (AKA on patience and advertising)
2020 Jan 277m 6s
In this second episode we uncover the n.1 reason why online advertising DOESN’T WORK. Or.... does it?
Welcome to The Newborn Photography Podcast + let’s talk PRICING
2020 Jan 268m 31s
Today we talk about... PRICING and the only two questions that REALLY matter when it comes to it. We also get two answer two additional questions: who the heck am I? Why am I doing a podcast about Marketing and Business for Newborn Photographers?