Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny
  • Neil Yonge. & DJ Johnny Rock
9 episodes
Neil and his 'best' friend Johnny drink in the park as figments of the imagination. Also, not a Soundcloud Hip Hop album. Web: http://www.neilandjohnny.com Apple Podcasts: http://apple.co/2w1R9lH twitter: https://twitter.com/NeilandJohnny


159 - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Goes To The Movies
2020 Apr 2519m 21s
Small town band hits it big, but they must battle a nefarious plot in the music industry. Or something. I don't know, this episode makes nearly as little sense as the film. Nearly.
Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny - 158 - Let It Be The Firemen
2020 Apr 2221m 15s
Paul McCartney has discovered dance music - and the results are as staggeringly brilliant as those that came from DJ Johnny Rock's similar road-to-Damascus-like conversion during a live performance at a recent live bar mitzvah performance. Truly, we live in an age of miracles.
Drinking In The Park with Neil and Johnny - 157 - The Long and Windup Road
2020 Apr 2110m 34s
Neil and Johnny social distance their way through a much delayed episode of the program.
T'was The Night Before Christmas - As Read by DJ Johnny Rock
2018 Dec 242m 55s
DJ Johnny Rock of Drinking In The Park reads the Christmas classic story T'was The Night Before Christmas by Clement C. Moore (with apologies).
Neil and Johnny Drink In The Park - 109 - Doctor Who The Unsaved Planet
2017 Dec 1515m 9s
DJ Johnny Rock chats with Doctor Who / Who's The Boss Audio Drama producer Dr. Squid of the Gallifrey Starts Podcast (https://gallifreystandspodcast.podbean.com/)
Doctor Whos The Boss Theme Vol.2
2017 May 301m 54s
Party on ! with the brand new theme song for season 5 of the worlds number one Doctor Who / Who's The Boss podcast, Drinking In The Park. Theme composed, mixed and performed by George James Reid , The Illusion System(@george-reid).
Johnny Is Lonely In The First Order
2016 Jan 2211m 24s
Mr. J has a follow up conversation with Johnny from Drinking in the Park after last weeks Neil-less episode. They also discuss wookiepedia, dial up, Neil’s whereabouts, Star Trek and if Johnny actually watched Star Wars The Force Awakens.
Johnny Is Lonely In The Park - 48 - Lonely In The Park
2016 Jan 1216m 44s
Its the holidays and DJ Johnny Rock is not handling being alone well. Apparently, Neil is off collecting rocks and so Johnny takes it upon himself to call everyone from Droids Canada to help him with his holiday blues. Unfortunately it doesn’t go as planned and may have gotten his show cancelled. Did Johnny lose his show? Will Neil ever come back? Did the Mountain mean what he said? Tune in and find out!