Tesla Future Series
4 episodes
Thinking about the evolution of energy, transportation and society, through the lens of Tesla. We try to understand the coming shift and articulate some new narratives. Tesla, in trying to accelerate the shift to sustainable energy, is an inspiring story about the power of technology and innovation to effect change. It is a story that hopefully will inspire many more people to be audacious and bold in seeking solutions to humanity's most intractable problems.


Tesla in the long term
2019 Oct 0724m 54s
By mid 2025 every major automaker will be producing great Electric Vehicles (EVs) at scale.  If batteries become a commodity, how will Tesla stay competitive?We explore a simple thesis that competitive advantage is not about racing to a single point in...
The Electric 20s or the Chiletric 20s
2019 Sep 2215m 46s
It is the decade during which the electrification of transportation goes mainstream.  It is the decade in which big auto move from low production numbers and proof of concepts to scale. By 2030, when people think of a car, they will think of an electric...
Tesla Today
2019 Sep 2223m 38s
Tesla has a grand vision and purpose.  But if the organisation cannot survive and achieve profitability, there will be no long term.  Can Tesla achieve quarter on quarter profitability over the next 18 months? We evaluate the factors that will affect...
Introduction to the Tesla Future Series
2019 Sep 036m 45s
Why have we created the Tesla Future Series?