• Dave Allen and Greg Meyer
58 episodes
Guided by Greg: the Badger Piper and Dave: the Pipe Pirate of the Sea of Thieves, we proudly present the Syndicated Pipe Club. We will be discussing pipes, tobacco and various "television" series that we enjoy. Look for pipe recommendations, tobacco impressions and episode by episode break downs of whatever we are watching at the time. Come on over, pull up a chair and light your favorite pipe and tobacco. It's time to join us at The Syndicated Pipe Club


Out of The Syndicated Pipe Club
2020 Sep 2329m 8s
Tonight we run Out Of The Speedforce and re-visit our roots as the Flash  Fan podcast we once were. We discuss the release of the season 6.5  trailer... we mean season 7 trailer, the Elongated Man Saga and more.
The Sin of smoking... wait we're not the FDA!
2020 Sep 1630m 28s
Tonight we are looking at Mandalorian episode 3: The Sin, the debut of  the Dad talk segment and other random guff that happens when we record.  Also, we have music in the background now. Hope you enjoy!
Baby Yoda... opinions?
2020 Sep 0934m 20s
On this episode of the Syndicated Pipe Club: more Mandalorian talk among some general ramblings and technical difficulties. Join us for this pipe club style video/podcast, we'd love to see you.
Mando Mayhem
2020 Sep 0243m 30s
Welcome to the Syndicated Pipe Club. Today Dave and Greg talk a little pipe, tobacco and impressions of the first episode of the Mandalorian.
Syndicated Pipe Club Trailer
2020 Aug 2525s
Join Greg and Dave as they change gears and attempt to merge pipe culture and fandoms into one great new show.
The Final Speedforce
2020 Jul 0432m 58s
Hartley Sawyer, where we go from here and what it means for the podcast.
COVID was the REAL Villain this Season!
2020 May 1828m 45s
This week on Out of the Speedforce we look at the "season finale" and discuss the whose, whats, wheres, whys and hows of this episode and conclude that the real villain this season was COVID-19.
Pay The Piper? What has he done for me lately?
2020 May 1129m 35s
This week on Out of the Speedforce we Pay The Piper! Greg and Dave talk about the latest Flash episode and even delve into a little Young Justice TV Talk!
Liberation, your the Dr... wait this is T.V. not a board game.
2020 May 0426m 25s
Who will be liberated, why will they be liberated and will Iris West-Allen ever get out of that blasted mirror? All this and a bag of chips on today's Out of the Speedforce!
So Long, farewell, alverderzan And Goodnight
2020 Apr 2742m 8s
After what seems like weeks... we finally have the first of five new episodes of The Flash to talk about. Dave and Greg unpack their feelings about the back half of the season so far, along with the good and bad in this episode.