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  • Jason McCleery
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Welcome to The Epic Dad podcast. I'm your host Jason McCleery and I'm here to help you create better relationships, better health and an all-around amazing life. Each week, I feature interviews with experts to deliver inspiration, motivation, tools and tricks to create the life you love. The Epic Dad Podcast is here to help you to become your best self, as a parent, spouse and an all-around epic human being. If you want to remove yourself from the drift, and start taking intentional steps to become the Epic Dad you always wanted to be, then this podcast is for you.


EDP 017: Create a Better Connection With Your Spouse
2020 Apr 0735m 45s
Joining me for this weeks episode is Casey Caston founder of Marriage365 and a leading marriage expert, though he admits that he has to work everyday to take his own advice. Marriage365 started 7 years ago with a goal of producing tools for couples to...
EDP 016: Mental Health and Your Spouse
2020 Feb 1829m 34s
In this week's episode, I have a great conversation with my amazing wife, Becky McCleery. Becky has battled depression in one degree or another ever since our oldest daughter was born over 13 years ago. We talk about how life is for her, and how we have...
EDP 015: Creating Epic Moments With Your Kids
2020 Feb 0443m 6s
On the podcast today, I am really excited to introduce you to husband, father of 4, author, podcaster and founder of the Daddy Saturday Foundation, whose goal is equip father with the knowledge and tools to raise good kids who become great adults and end the fatherlessness epidemic.
EDP 014: Living Life in the Front Row
2020 Jan 2844m 18s
Our guest this week is a husband and father, who also happens to be the founder of and host of the Front Row Dads podcast.
EDP 013: Breaking Free From the 9 to 5
2020 Jan 2137m 47s
On the podcast today, we have a husband, father of 2, entrepreneur, coach and consultant, podcaster and now author whose book, Lifestyle Builders: Build Your Business, Quit Your Job and Live Your Ideal Life is available now.
EDP 012: Vulnerable Masculinity
2020 Jan 1426m 6s
This week I have a conversation with Dan Doty, Co-founder of Evryman.
EDP 011: Using Play to Overcome Axiety
2020 Jan 0740m 2s
Charlie Hoehn talks to us about how he discovered the power of play.
EDP 010: Parenting Kids with Anxiety and OCD
2019 Sep 2039m 37s
This week, we talk to Natasha Daniels, a child therapist specializing in anxiety and OCD.
EDP 009: Preventing Teen Suicide
2019 Sep 1233m 12s
Our guest today, Jason Reid, is on a mission to end teen suicide by the year 2030.
EDP 008: A Creative Way to Bond With Your Kids
2019 Sep 0538m 10s
Bradley Charbonneau joins us to talk about writing a book with your kids.