Dvar Torah, Rabbi Eli Friedman
  • Project Likkutei Sichos
71 episodes
Enjoy a 5 minute presentation by Rabbi Eli Friedman extracting a unique and practical lesson from the Sicha. Suitable for sharing at the Shabbos table, on Mivtzoim, etc. This series follows the learning cycle of Project Likkutei Sichos.


Chelek 14, Haazinu 1
2020 Sep 226m 43s
Finding yourself more at home with Heaven than Earth
Chelek 14, Haazinu 2
2020 Sep 226m 1s
The unique pleasure of having and studying the Torah
Chelek 14, Rosh Hashanah
2020 Sep 126m 4s
A Very Personal Rosh Hashanah Message
Chelek 14, Vayelech 1
2020 Sep 125m 1s
Grab A Trumpet and Bring Your Fellow Jew Back Home
Chelek 14, Nitzavim 1
2020 Sep 067m 3s
Whose Torah is it Anyway?
Chelek 14, Nitzavim 2
2020 Sep 066m 3s
The Businessman’s Complete Guide on How to be a Water Carrier and Wood Chopper
Chelek 14, Nitzavim 3
2020 Sep 065m 44s
Special Teshuva When the Year Begins on Shabbat
Chelek 14, Ki Savo 2
2020 Aug 306m 18s
Finding the Perception to See Through the Veil of the Natural World
Chelek 14, Ki Savo 1
2020 Aug 304m 56s
Permeating This Earthy Life with Heavenly Energy
Chelek 14, Ki Teitzei 2
2020 Aug 228m 4s
What Amalek Cannot Touch