Off Da Top Podcast
  • Michael Jordan
39 episodes
A podcast designed to help and guide people through tough moments in life, whether it be with useful information or just a plain old good laugh.


S2 Ep1: I'm Back!! Also Choose Your Taxi Guys Carefully
2020 Sep 2126m 6s
I burnt out overthinking, had to get repairs done, change some parts and now I'm back! Today's episode as you can tell I touch on taxi service providers. Thank you for your continued support and we're back to growing, healing and laughing.
Ep37: F**K Boy Protection Guide
2020 Aug 1426m 32s
I think the title says it all. This episode is me giving the ladies a little guide on how to keep fuck boy free. There's things in here for guys too if you pay attention.
Ep36: Started Here Ended There
2020 Aug 0723m 56s
Yup here we are with another episode where my thoughts start one place and ended somewhere else. BIG shout out to Deanne that has helped promote the podcast without me even asking, so thank you thank you thank you. Check her out on IG @kamidee03
Ep35: Red Flags
2020 Jul 3143m 28s
We all have them, we’ve all encountered, we’ve all looked past them. My question for this episode is why did we look past them.
Ep34: That Girl Ain't For You Sir
2020 Jul 2421m 57s
Over the past week I've been seeing a lot of things about power dynamics in relationships as well complaints from "nice guy". The usual ones about women only dating asshole, while there is some truth to it but with my weird way of thinking of things I try to lay it all out differently.
Ep33: Is Whack Vagina A Thing?
2020 Jul 2029m 24s
After seeing some people go back and forth on twitter about whack dick, I thought to myself; "Is whack vagina a thing?". I personally believe it is but women either disagree or can't say for sure because they generally don't care.
Ep32: Entanglement > Situationship
2020 Jul 1331m 16s
By now we’ve all heard about this mess with August and Jada but outside of the memes I wanted to give a little different perspective on the information we do we have because we don’t know the full situation. Instagram: @michaelnjordan_ & @offdatoppodcast
Ep31: Shower Caps Are For The Shower Not The Gym
2020 Jul 0724m 50s
Listen I get that the ladies need to protect their hair from the elements but how you gonna wear a shower cap outside the shower? On top of that out in public. No Bueno man no Bueno
Ep30: Get All Your Pants When You Buy It Boo!
2020 Jul 0327m 56s
I know I've been gone for a week or so and I really don't like that I had to but I needed a little break. I'm back now with a little update and then a bunch of stories. Hope you enjoy and thank you for your continued support.
Ep29: We Don't Need To Conquer Women
2020 Jun 2219m 37s
Was watching American Pie when this idea popped up in my head; there's so much pressure on men to have sex, not to say there ins't on women but no one talks about it when it comes to men. So I decided to do so.