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Welcome to the "Black Men Do..." Podcast where we discuss the varying things black men face but also add our perspective on things where black men shy away from.


Black Men Do Make Wonderful Fathers
2019 Jun 121h 22m 21s
In honor of fathers day coming up we wanted to do a special episode on what it meant to be a father as black man. We talked about being our perception of fatherhood would look like, when to have certain conversations with our kids, and also the abortion law that has been floating around. This episode is one you don't want to miss. Please like, share,comment and subscribe. Happy Fathers Day!!!
Black Men Do Support Black Businesses Pt.2
2019 May 301h 16m 38s
On today's episode of Black Men Do we spotlight an up and coming business ran by Kimani B Jones and Salim Collins right here in Charlotte NC. The brothers from the Ascend brand specialize in mens designer book bags and have more items on the way. We talk about how they started, different networking strategies and even some guidance for the next generation of entrepreneurs. As always like, comment, share and leave a review. It is greatly appreciated.