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Bringing good health tips to ease your mind, relax your body, and calm your soul. Let me ease you into your day or ease you into your night. If you'd like to donate to my podcast, please click the link below. And as always I'm open to suggestions if you'd like to leave me a message. Thank you for listening! Love and light😊🧡 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/scentoria-bliss/support


Social Media Distancing
2020 Sep 1010m 37s
Give yourself a break from social media. Do something you love. Leave me a message after you try it and tell me what you did on your break away from social media. Peace!
2020 Aug 0412m 46s
Give yourself the new day you deserve by taking time to set your intentions, give love to yourself, stretch your body, and open up yourself to that good energy flow. This is an interactive podcast with a few seconds of movement to move that energy throughout your body. I know you'll enjoy. Leave your feedback. I'd love to hear from you.
Give Yourself A Present
2020 Apr 187m 51s
This episode is meant to inspire you to appreciate yourself with a "gift" you'll enjoy. Make it anything you want. Its all for you.
Stay Positive and Honor Yourself
2020 Apr 025m 7s
Just a very short podcast to keep your mind on track with positive thoughts. Like, share, and follow. Leave me a message if you have some ideas you'd like to share.
Attitude of Gratitude
2020 Mar 308m 53s
Wake up and feel grateful for your new day. Let's take time to think about the things we are grateful for and use those optimistic thoughts to shift our mindset for more positive outcomes.
Healthy Thoughts = Healthy Actions
2020 Mar 289m 48s
Synchronize your healthy thoughts with your healthy actions by doing some simple exercises. These easy exercises will help you increase mobility in areas you may have tension. Try them out and incorporate them into your daily routines.
Explore Your Passion and Reveal Your Purpose
2020 Mar 269m 8s
What You're The Most Passionate About May Become Your Purpose. Explore with me to find your passions. Utilize your breathing and visualization techniques to open the gateway to your inner desires.
Let's Take Your Mind On A Beautiful Journey
2020 Mar 248m 3s
This episode will assist you with a mini visualization technique to get you in the mode of manifesting what you desire. During this time, we can all take a break from our current reality and focus what we DO WANT.
Great Rising (Trailer)
2020 Mar 2318s
Great Rising: Let's Just Breathe
2020 Mar 239m 10s
I want to help ease your mind and relax your body. Sharing good health techniques and ideas that can get you started for the day or relax you for the night. Get comfy and let's chill.